Season 9

Episode Guide

Steve McGrew

S9 E1
Sep 25, 2004
Steve McGrew explains why he goes to Walmart as an anti-depressant and thinks Alcoholics Anonymous questionaires should be more realistic.

Lizz Winstead

S9 E2
Oct 8, 2004
Lizz Winstead explains why she's not afraid of terrorists and suggests ways to convince Republicans to support marriage equality.

Jimmy Carr

S9 E3
Jan 14, 2005
Jimmy Carr questions his own survival instincts, wonders why trailers just don't drive out of the way of tornados and citicizes the ending of "The Passion of the Christ."


S9 E4
Feb 18, 2005
Godfrey details the woes of riding the New York City subway, explains why there are so few black astronauts and considers becoming a weatherman in Nigeria.


S9 E5
Feb 25, 2005
Tess explains the difference between "plus sized" and "juicy" and why she was bad at temp work.

Reno Collier

S9 E6
Mar 4, 2005
Reno Collier points out the ineffectiveness of slingshots, talks about why he'd rather be drunk than famous and explains why teachers have to be great liars.

Christian Finnegan

S9 E7
Mar 11, 2005
Christian Finnegan will put up with an $85 a month fat tax and being bad at Monopoly, but he has no patience for chatty urinal-mates.

Jeff Cesario

S9 E8
Mar 25, 2005
Jeff Cesario discusses America's many contradictions, explains why jerks never get cancer and flaunts his uniquely Midwestern physique.

Drew Fraser

S9 E9
Apr 1, 2005
Drew Fraser explains why he never sleeps with skinny women, why only kids in the suburbs go missing and why he needs more sleep the older he gets.

Russ Meneve

S9 E10
Apr 8, 2005
Russ Meneve talks about breaking up via email, preferring food to sex and the alarming number of annual shark attacks.

Dan Naturman

S9 E11
Apr 15, 2005
Dan Naturman thinks flying JetBlue is the best way to avoid a hijacking and explains why Maryland speed traps are a bit extreme.

Lynne Koplitz

S9 E12
Apr 29, 2005
Lynne Koplitz wonders what Jesus would do if he lived in New York City, weighs in on children who grow up in Manhattan and explains why her boyfriend thinks she's crazy.

Tom Shillue

S9 E13
May 6, 2005
Tom Shillue warns about the alarming frequency of "wrong-side surgery," gets embarrassed about his dad's shameless shirt re-tucking and makes the Constitution sound sexy.

Todd Lynn

S9 E14
May 13, 2005
Todd Lynn explains why New Yorkers make everything aggravating, misses old-fashioned phones and wishes there was a slur that could actually offend white people.

Aries Spears

S9 E15
May 20, 2005
Aries Spears describes how white people enjoy the animal kingdom, examines post-9/11 racial divides and performs a rap tribute.

Vic Henley

S9 E16
May 27, 2005
Vic Henley weighs in on New York City accents, living in the South and British-U.S. relations.

Keith Robinson

S9 E17
Jun 3, 2005
Keith Robinson talks about growing up in South Philadelphia, the National Spelling Bee and modern hip hop.

Rocky LaPorte

S9 E18
Jun 10, 2005
Rocky LaPorte reminisces about growing up in Brooklyn, being held back in school and the underwhelming menagerie of the Staten Island Zoo.

Craig Shoemaker

S9 E19
Jun 17, 2005
Craig Shoemaker weighs in on childbirth, having sex after having kids and trying to find things to talk about with his married friends.

Harland Williams

S9 E20
Jun 24, 2005
Harland Williams talks about trying to speak Chinese, having sex with someone who's had plastic surgery and knowing tanning salon protocol.

Al Madrigal

S9 E21
Jul 1, 2005
Al Madrigal expounds on discount oral sex, the pain of listening to The Wiggles and how much you need to spend at a restaurant to get the chef to care about your meal.

Alonzo Bodden

S9 E22
Jul 8, 2005
Alonzo Bodden poses a theory about the origin of the term ""African American,"" discusses the natural balance of stereotypes and questions the Iraq War.

Henry Phillips

S9 E23
Jul 15, 2005
Henry Phillips shares songs about booty calls, lowered dating standards and trying to sing the blues when you don't really have any problems.

Corey Holcomb

S9 E24
Jul 22, 2005
Corey Holcomb examines the upside to dating bad girls, explains the real cause for erectile dysfunction and gives advice on how to date multiple women.