Season 10

Episode Guide

Rickey Smiley

S10 E1
Feb 17, 2006
Rickey Smiley recounts his experience with an elderly stripper, impersonates a little old lady reading church announcements and explains black funerals.

Ty Barnett

S10 E2
Feb 18, 2006
Ty Barnett imagines a heaven that doesn't allow nerds, explains why he wasn't cut out for street gangs and suggest that FEMA members should watch more action films.

DeRay Davis

S10 E3
Feb 24, 2006
DeRay Davis talks about his grim childhood, debates going Dutch on dates and reveals his favorite type of woman.

Rod Man

S10 E4
Feb 24, 2006
Rod Man talks about getting short-changed at church, admits that the heat would keep him from participating in a Civil Rights march and describes his stint at Cracker Barrel.

Steve Byrne

S10 E5
Mar 2, 2006
Steve Byrne offers a trick for avoiding political discussions, describes the worst thing that can happen in a car and explains why he hates renting movies.

Mike Birbiglia

S10 E6
Mar 3, 2006
Mike Birbiglia laments his dreams of being a rapper and vents about his annoyance over "Olive Garden Italian."

Ted Alexandro

S10 E7
Mar 10, 2006
Ted Alexandro recalls his time as a music teacher in New York City public schools, examines modern hip hop and explains why President George W. Bush embarrasses him.

Greg Fitzsimmons

S10 E8
Mar 17, 2006
Greg Fitzsimmons describes how his chidren inspire him, explains why parents have morning sex and weighs in on life in Los Angeles.

Megan Mooney

S10 E9
Mar 18, 2006
Megan Mooney talks about wrecking stuff with her nephews, dealing with questions about when she'll have kids of her own and the fan base of "The Price Is Right."

Tammy Pescatelli

S10 E10
Mar 24, 2006
Tammy Pescatelli recalls performing at a Playboy benefit, explains the dangers of breast implants and weighs in on modern fashion trends.

Jon Reep

S10 E11
Mar 25, 2006
Jon Reep shares his love of beer, demonstrates his childhood dance moves and impersonates an NFL referree.

Todd Barry

S10 E12
Apr 1, 2006
Todd Barry returns from a camp in Tahiti to share his story of a botched date with Julia Roberts and describes his great new apartment.

Arj Barker

S10 E13
Apr 1, 2006
Arj Barker expresses his disgust with Halloween's urban legend laziness, Citibank's terrible spelling and Google's haughty search suggestions.

Nick Swardson

S10 E14
Apr 7, 2006
Nick Swardson debuts a sexy new fragrance for men, explains his picky dating habits and wonders why people need reminders to not bring bombs on planes.

John Caparulo

S10 E15
Apr 8, 2006
John Caparulo describes the downside of travel, recalls weird neighborhood yard sales and discusses living with exotic pets.

Andy Kindler

S10 E16
Apr 14, 2006
Andy Kindler recalls his experience with marijuana in Amsterdam, examines the downside to the civil rights movement and describes his aversion to astrology.

Pat Dixon

S10 E17
Apr 15, 2006
Pat Dixon talks about his experiences with drugs, explains why "fiance" is a more appealing term than "spouse" and justifies his preference for mid-level hotels.

Ben Bailey

S10 E18
Apr 21, 2006
Ben Bailey explains why married life is incompatible with strip clubs, marvels at the stench of New York City and describes his misadventures on the subway.

Brian Kiley

S10 E19
Apr 22, 2006
Brian Kiley recalls his wife's unusual pregnancy cravings, his uncle's unfortunate hunting accident and planning his marriage proposal.

Peter Berman

S10 E20
Apr 28, 2006
Peter Berman explains why Las Vegas is simultaneously the best and the worst, why he always roots for the umpire, and why he stayed in a bad relationship for way too long.

Becky Pedigo

S10 E21
Apr 29, 2006
Becky Pedigo shares stories about bombing in country western bars, cutting her own hair and her mother's racist safety advice.

Bill Santiago

S10 E22
May 6, 2006
Bill Santiago explains why Spanglish is the perfect American language, recalls being a "Founding Papi" in a school play and waxes nostalgic for White Castle sliders.

Jeff Garcia

S10 E23
May 5, 2006
Jeff Garcia explains how bad credit can have its advantages, lists which airlines terrorists shouldn't mess with and discusses his grandparents' contentious marriage.

Kyle Cease

S10 E24
May 12, 2006
Kyle Cease thinks adults deserve recess more than kids, that real life should have cheat codes and that SunnyD is just the best worst beverage option.