Season 14

Episode Guide

Tony Rock

S14 E1
Feb 19, 2010
Tony Rock talks about a noteworthy strip club experience in Iowa, legalizing marijuana, and the difference between men and women when they get sick after a night of partying.

Doug Williams

S14 E2
Feb 20, 2010
Doug Williams thinks the end times are here, proposes expiration dates for marriage licenses, and talks about lying on job applications.

Pete Holmes

S14 E4
Feb 26, 2010
Pete Holmes investigates a government conspiracy called Facebook and studies the presidential potential of YouTube commenters.

Rob Riggle

S14 E5
Mar 5, 2010
Rob Riggle describes the nightmare that is a football stadium men's room, why he loathes the elderly and how conversations with his best friend make him look awful.

Jon Lajoie

S14 E6
Mar 5, 2010
Jon Lajoie sings about being an average guy, creates an anthem for stoners and debuts a modern birthday song.

Julian McCullough

S14 E7
Mar 12, 2010
Julian McCullough ponders what's inside women's purses, reveals his fears of becoming a cat lady and explains why he won't buy curtains.

Shane Mauss

S14 E8
Mar 13, 2010
Shane Mauss talks about his plan to deter burglars from robbing him, freak accidents at Six Flags and questionable figures of speech.

Donald Glover

S14 E9
Mar 19, 2010
Donald Glover outlines the strategic use of racial slurs during an argument, warns against taking advice from Tracy Morgan and details the anatomy of a black nerd.

Jon Dore

S14 E10
Mar 20, 2010
Jon Dore talks about his love of practical jokes, suggests words to avoid in conversation and describes his attempt to throw out a garbage pail.

Rachel Feinstein

S14 E11
Mar 26, 2010
Rachel Feinstein discusses her mom's quirky style, details what it's like to hang out with her drunk friends and recalls an awkward exchange with a stranger.

The Sklar Brothers

S14 E12
Mar 27, 2010
The Sklar Brothers (Randy and Jason) talk about famous twins in the news and express their disdain for unrealistic fairy tales.

Rory Albanese

S14 E13
Mar 31, 2010
Rory Albanese talks about traveling in Europe, naming body parts and Americans who have a New Jersey attitude.

Amy Schumer

S14 E14
Apr 2, 2010
Amy Schumer gives advice on how to use Facebook and surviving the attractiveness of people from Miami.

Matt Braunger

S14 E15
Apr 9, 2010
Matt Braunger lays out his pornography rule, then celebrates his enjoyment of Halloween and overly literate athletes.

Mo Mandel

S14 E16
Apr 10, 2010
Mo Mandel weighs in on the showbiz culture in Los Angeles, describes his bizarre massage experience and talks about this trip to Africa.

Bret Ernst

S14 E17
Apr 15, 2010
Bret Ernst describes going to clubs with his Italian friends and explains why men shouldn't dress up for Halloween.

Iliza Shlesinger

S14 E18
Apr 16, 2010
Iliza Shlesinger talks about people who don't get cold, wonders why radio DJs are so irritating and answers an important question for women.

Eliot Chang

S14 E19
Apr 23, 2010
Eliot Chang explains why he's not offended by women with Asian fetishes, bemoans Facebook culture and wonders why he's still single.

Mike DeStefano

S14 E20
Apr 24, 2010
Mike DeStefano advises young people to stay in school, explains why he doesn't apologize and reveals why he doesn't like New York City cab drivers.

Ryan Stout

S14 E21
Apr 30, 2010
Ryan Stout describes his favorite type of laugh and explains why he volunteers his time with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Myq Kaplan

S14 E22
May 1, 2010
Myq Kaplan talks about cheating death, explains why he won't ask the audience questions and imagines science fiction in ancient Greece.

Andy Kindler

S14 E23
May 7, 2010
Andy Kindler explains how he would write horoscopes, describes combining vices in Amsterdam and questions a wildlife sign in England.

Jeff Dye

S14 E24
May 8, 2010
Jeff Dye talks about what kind of drug he would choose to do at the gym, recounts his mother's boring stories and explains why riding Splash Mountain is awkward.