Season 1

Episode Guide

Wanda Sykes

S1 E1
Dec 1, 1998
Wanda Sykes explains the drawbacks of performing at a feminist benefit, weighs in on Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky and unpacks the term "African American."

Marc Maron

S1 E2
Dec 8, 1998
Marc Maron recounts his hectic engagement, discusses his addictions to ice cream and cigarettes, and explains why he'd rather rent porn.

Reggie McFadden

S1 E3
Dec 15, 1998
Reggie McFadden recalls his dad's smoking habit, marvels at the endurance of camera operators on "Cops" and explains why he stays away if another black man is being arrested.

Lewis Black

S1 E4
Dec 22, 1998
Lewis Black bemoans inaccurate meteorologists, his fellow International House of Pancakes patrons and Bill Clinton's two-sided facade.

Greg Fitzsimmons

S1 E5
Jan 5, 1999
Greg Fitzsimmons examines the negative parts of aging, ponders life in New York City and reads an angry letter from a disgruntled principal in Oklahoma.

Mitch Hedberg

S1 E6
Jan 6, 1999
Mitch Hedberg quips about living in Hollywood, getting a receipt for a doughnut and the difficulties of flossing his teeth.

Sue Murphy

S1 E7
Jan 19, 1999
Sue Murphy explains why there's nothing worse than moving, nothing more annoying than the song "My Heart Will Go On" and nothing sexier than Captain Jean-Luc Picard's accent.

Kevin Brennan

S1 E8
Jan 26, 1999
Kevin Brennan states the facts behind Biblical stories and explains the miracle of human reproduction.