Season 2

Episode Guide

Kevin Nealon

S2 E1
May 29, 1999
Kevin Nealon talks about getting his first computer, maps his travels across America and reflects on his marriage.

Elvira Kurt

S2 E2
May 30, 1999
Elvira Kurt recalls how perilous playgrounds used to be, wonders why toothbrushes need to keep evolving and encourages adults to embrace their obstinate inner-child.

Margaret Smith

S2 E3
Jun 5, 1999
Margaret Smith shares her thoughts about comfortable underwear, out-of-control body piercings and overpriced sperm.

Mark Curry

S2 E4
Jun 12, 1999
Mark Curry offers tips on how to play it cool around cops and describes his awkward experimentation with spanking.

Greg Proops

S2 E5
Jun 19, 1999
Greg Proops discusses overworked Americans, New York City's fanciest Mexican restaurant, and the stark differences between the U.S. and Canada.

Hugh Fink

S2 E6
Jun 26, 1999
Hugh Fink describes Texan hospitality, reveals his fear of sarcastic waiters and gives a violin performance inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

Kevin Meaney

S2 E7
Jul 3, 1999
Kevin Meaney explains how he botched an atomic bomb drill as a child and reveals his ancestral link to Mr. Potato Head.

Dave Attell

S2 E8
Jul 10, 1999
Dave Attell describes his Jack Daniel's blackouts, gripes about not being able to smoke inside anymore and defends masturbation.

Mario Cantone

S2 E9
Jul 17, 1999
Mario Cantone explains his hatred for actor-director Roberto Benigni, his ongoing obsession with the Menendez brothers and his feelings about Italians living in L.A.

Todd Barry

S2 E10
Jul 24, 1999
Todd Barry discusses his epic Norwegian tour, men's room etiquette, an unconventional masturbation technique and Brad Pitt's bathing habits.

Jack Coen

S2 E11
Sep 4, 1999
Jack Coen comes to grips with getting older, which includes dealing with chatty vasectomy surgeons and greedy funeral directors.

Patton Oswalt

S2 E12
Sep 4, 1999
Patton Oswalt gripes about watching old movies in L.A., explains why all medical videos are shocking and reveals why he got thrown out of the Anne Frank House.