Season 11

Episode Guide

Marc Maron

S11 E1
Jan 12, 2007
Marc Maron waxes philosophical about how bitter Jesus would be at age 50, the challenges of having a bipolar dad and how to make Earth a properly functioning planet.

John Heffron

S11 E2
Jan 13, 2007
John Heffron explains the downside of being a newlywed, compares marriage to work life and describes his childhood woes.

Andrew Kennedy

S11 E3
Jan 19, 2007
Andrew Kennedy talks about confusing people with his biracial heritage, questions his dad's business sense and recalls growing up in the whitest town on Earth.

Nick Di Paolo

S11 E4
Jan 20, 2007
Nick Di Paolo talks about the death of Pope John Paul II, trying to get his wife pregnant and the proper approach to plastic surgery.

Dov Davidoff

S11 E5
Jan 26, 2007
Dov Davidoff discusses his drug history, the process of finding someone decent to date and the time he accidentally outed his cousin.

Kyle Grooms

S11 E6
Jan 27, 2007
Kyle Grooms explains why LensCrafters is a better investment than Harvard, how Americans are water snobs and why George W. Bush is the only American the world actually hates.

Bob Marley

S11 E7
Feb 2, 2007
Bob Marley details the ways that marriage is making him stupider, airs his grievences about restaurants and discusses the sensuality of dessert.

Lisa Landry

S11 E8
Feb 3, 2007
Lisa Landry explains what a "muffin top" is, why "Law & Order" keeps her from jogging and the perils of marrying someone smarter than you.

Tom Papa

S11 E9
Feb 15, 2007
Tom Papa dispels the princess myth, details liberal uses for peanut butter and warns against the dangers of drinking tequila.

Maria Bamford

S11 E10
Feb 16, 2007
Maria Bamford explains why she'd like someone to come in and help her with problems, which include hope paralysis and anxiety gremlins.

Finesse Mitchell

S11 E11
Feb 23, 2007
Finesse Mitchell recalls his experience with a male-enhancement drug, explains why he loves his tough girlfriend and encourages New York City tourists to walk faster.

Loni Love

S11 E12
Feb 24, 2007
Loni Love adores her 99-cent store, her body and the 1980s, despite the era's jacked-up fashion.

Chelsea Handler

S11 E13
Mar 9, 2007
Chelsea Handler explains why she enjoys the numbing effects of a cocktail when dealing with insufferable parents, bloggers and terrible dates.

Deon Cole

S11 E14
Mar 9, 2007
Deon Cole talks about performing stand-up in Alaska, fantasizes about having super powers and recalls the time he interrupted his mom's Bible study.

Paul F. Tompkins

S11 E15
Mar 16, 2007
Paul F. Tompkins bristles at TSA restrictions, the presumptuousness of text message technology and the preponderance of terrifying dogs.

Kyle Dunnigan

S11 E16
Mar 17, 2007
Kyle Dunnigan impersonates Ray Romano impersonating Christopher Walken, then uses a looping machine to describe a sultry hookup and recount a bitter breakup.

Ian Bagg

S11 E17
Mar 30, 2007
Ian Bagg recalls seeing Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, examines the cons of Catholicism and weighs in on Lance Armstrong's Tour de France winning streak.

Josh Sneed

S11 E18
Mar 31, 2007
Josh Sneed talks about modern children's cartoons, KFC's collectible buckets and the time he farted on Jessica Simpson.

Mitch Fatel

S11 E19
Apr 6, 2007
Mitch Fatel talks about making babies, his love of certain types of underwear and why women should initiate breakups.

Howard Kremer

S11 E20
Apr 7, 2007
Howard Kremer raps about his special powers, and shares cheap and creative ways to keep women interested.