Season 4

Episode Guide

Darrell Hammond

S4 E1
Dec 4, 2000
Darrell Hammond knows why ghosts don't haunt Brooklyn, reminisces about Bill Clinton's fun presidency and explains why German isn't a romance language.

Jim David

S4 E2
Dec 11, 2000
Jim David compares living in New York to his "upwardly mobile home" upbringing in the South and explains why people in their twenties don't actually know anything.

René Hicks

S4 E3
Dec 18, 2000
René Hicks discusses her homophobic grandfather, remembers breastfeeding on a jumbotron and gives tips to gang members.

Pablo Francisco

S4 E4
Dec 25, 2000
Pablo Francisco shares his appreciation for Spanish soap operas, explains his disdain for lazy R&B music and gives an impression of movie preview voiceovers.

Adam Ferrara

S4 E5
Jan 1, 2001
Adam Ferrara describes Abraham Lincoln's demise, ethnic tensions in his L.A. neighborhood and the absurdity of Easter.

Nick Swardson

S4 E6
Jan 8, 2001
Nick Swardson talks about the worst job he's ever had, kids who are addicted to Pokemon and his exciting future as a 90-year-old man.

Greg Behrendt

S4 E7
Jan 15, 2001
Greg Behrendt opens up about his voracious appetite for junk food, describes his first doomed relationship and explains why every boy band has a token badass.

Sabrina Matthews

S4 E8
Jan 22, 2001
Sabrina Matthews explains the flaws of conversion therapy, commerical aviation and wearing a skirt.