Season 5

Episode Guide

Maria Bamford

S5 E2
Jul 2, 2001
Maria Bamford weighs in on internet dating, describes grating voices and relives her time as a temp worker.

Louis Ramey

S5 E5
Jul 30, 2001
Louis Ramey opines on tacky wedding tuxedos, ordering nonexistent fast-food items and lying politicians.

Tom Rhodes

S5 E6
Aug 6, 2001
Tom Rhodes talks about his lack of math skills, red flags on a first date and humorless white supremacists.

Ted Alexandro

S5 E7
Aug 13, 2001
Ted Alexandro recalls his days as an elementary school teacher and shares his dream of going to prison one day.

Tony Woods

S5 E8
Aug 20, 2001
Tony Woods explains why monkeys make the perfect pets and analyzes a classic joke.

Tom Papa

S5 E9
Aug 27, 2001
Tom Papa talks about braving the dangers of budget-class airlines and coming to terms with getting old.

Louis C.K.

S5 E10
Sep 3, 2001
Louis C.K. explains why subway maps are meaningless, admits to being embarrassed most of his life and refrains from boring conversations with strangers.

Bil Dwyer

S5 E11
Sep 10, 2001
Bil Dwyer imagines opening for The Rolling Stones, admits he's jealous of divorced dads and realizes petting zoos are way more horrific than he remembered.

Zach Galifianakis

S5 E12
Sep 17, 2001
Zach Galifianakis prefers to be specific when he cheers at concerts, discovers the root of his unusual sinus problems and recalls a shameful night of drinking in L.A.

Doug Stanhope

S5 E13
Sep 24, 2001
Doug Stanhope argues for legalized prostitution, tears into vice cops and explains why he dislikes babies and old people.

Gary Valentine

S5 E14
Oct 1, 2001
Gary Valentine describes his struggle to understand Southern accents, ponders the daily life of spiders and touts the benefits of nitrous oxide.

Ardal O'Hanlon

S5 E15
Oct 8, 2001
Ardal O'Hanlon examines the differences between Americans and the Irish, explains why dogs are the best drug smugglers and compares the absorbency of barnyard animals.

Todd Glass

S5 E16
Oct 15, 2001
Todd Glass describes the futility of reasoning with kids, demonstrates a strange way to discipline college students and recalls his experience with getting high at the mall.