Season 12

Episode Guide

Stephen Lynch

S12 E1
Jan 11, 2008
Stephen Lynch performs songs about Jesus's rebellious brother Craig, his grandfather's declining health and teenagers who play Dungeons & Dragons.

Dan Cummins

S12 E2
Jan 12, 2008
Dan Cummins talks about his wife's longing for a hybrid dog, email addresses that describe their users and learning about serial killers on late-night television.

Jo Koy

S12 E3
Jan 18, 2008
Jo Koy illuminates the mysteries of the Filipino-American alphabet, the delicate art of raising a wild child and the reasons no one will fight a man with a handful of crap.

Sebastian Maniscalco

S12 E4
Jan 18, 2008
Sebastian Maniscalco describes shopping mishaps, questions people who dress up their dogs and recalls trying to play it cool on a first date at a sushi restaurant.

Hard 'N Phirm

S12 E5
Jan 25, 2008
Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman of Hard N' Phirm perform songs about success and the numerical value of pi.

Leo Allen

S12 E6
Jan 26, 2008
Leo Allen describes eating at a vegetarian restaurant, explains why he can keep dressing like a child and examines drunken confidence.

Eugene Mirman

S12 E7
Feb 1, 2008
Eugene Mirman explains why he specializes in sneaking funny items onto planes and rebranding basic shapes like the triangle.

Jordan Rubin

S12 E8
Feb 2, 2008
Jordan Rubin discusses his love of prank calling, reveals why every time he gets a new phone he loses all his friends and explains what happens when you Google "cupcakes."

Nick Thune

S12 E9
Feb 8, 2008
Nick Thune performs a song about chatting online with his first love, describes masturbating in front of his roommate and recalls watching his friend smoke pot for research.

"My First Time"

S12 E10
Feb 9, 2008
Michael Ian Black, Bonnie McFarlane, Mike Birbiglia and Michael Showalter relive their first stand-up sets.

Bonnie McFarlane

S12 E11
Feb 15, 2008
Bonnie McFarlane examines political correctness in comedy, weighs in on being a stepmom and recalls performing for a woman who may have lied about having a serious illness.

Rich Vos

S12 E12
Feb 16, 2008
Rich Vos describes watching "To Catch a Predator," dealing with incompetent hotel workers and working in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Lavell Crawford

S12 E13
Feb 22, 2008
Lavell Crawford details his struggle to lose weight, tells stories about his mother and describes his misadventures while jet skiing.

Joe Matarese

S12 E14
Feb 28, 2008
Joe Matarese details his many struggles, from a tendency to self-diagnosis to the challenges of concieving a child to his own insecurities.

Big Jay Oakerson

S12 E15
Feb 29, 2008
Big Jay Oakerson explains his taste in women, describes how Maury Povich announces paternity test results and breaks down "To Catch a Predator."

Juston McKinney

S12 E16
Mar 14, 2008
Juston McKinney addresses the uncommon spelling of his name, recalls working as a cop in a small town in Maine and explains why his wife's best friend thinks he's gay.

Nick Griffin

S12 E17
Mar 14, 2008
Nick Griffin examines the merits of alcohol, reflects on his divorce and explains why he doesn't need a camera phone.

Chad Daniels

S12 E18
Mar 21, 2008
Chad Daniels talks about running into an ex at his high school reunion, notable Bible verses and old people who waste precious resources.

Kirk Fox

S12 E19
Mar 22, 2008
Kirk Fox weighs in on tantric sex, describes his Navy SEAL brother (who, ironically, is afraid of sea lions) and ponders glassblowing mishaps.

Dan Mintz

S12 E20
Mar 28, 2008
Dan Mintz talks about his dating anxieties, getting inspiration from Native American culture and the storied life of director Roman Polanski.

Brian Posehn

S12 E21
Mar 29, 2008
Brian Posehn explains how to pass the fart buck, silently communicate with metalheads and discipline a dog that doesn't respect personal boundaries.

Robert Kelly

S12 E22
Apr 4, 2008
Robert Kelly talks about his contentious bathroom habits, attending therapy and how good his girlfriend is at fighting.

Billy Gardell

S12 E23
Apr 5, 2008
Billy Gardell shares his parenting tips: first, teach kids hide and seek before text messaging; second, less bike safety gear; finally, lock the door when they play outside.

Shaun Majumder

S12 E24
Apr 11, 2008
Shaun Majumder airs his resentment about Canadian stereotypes, shares the upside of being ethnically ambiguous and discusses his failed attempt to educate a bully.