Season 6

Episode Guide

Lewis Black

S6 E1
Apr 22, 2002
Lewis Black ponders why he's never seen an ad for candy corn, gripes about the ever-expanding Christmas season and finds the end of the universe in Texas.

Sean Cullen

S6 E2
Apr 29, 2002
Sean Cullen imagines a "James Bond" theme written by Bob Dylan and sings about his deep affection for porn.

Richard Jeni

S6 E3
May 6, 2002
Richard Jeni recalls his childhood as a Catholic, then warns against the dangerous combination of red wine and PMS.

Mike Britt

S6 E4
May 13, 2002
Mike Britt gives his take on the absurdity of war and laments the modern dangers of casual sex.

Lenny Clarke

S6 E5
May 20, 2002
Lenny Clarke reveals his dieting tips and explains why he has a soft spot for teachers.

Adele Givens

S6 E6
May 27, 2002
Adele Givens reacts to bad advice about airplane travel, pitches topics for TV talk shows and suggests using poetry to communicate with dysfunctional family members.

Nick DiPaolo

S6 E7
Jun 3, 2002
Nick Di Paolo talks about the aging process, reveals the details of his first prostate exam and describes what he loves about "The Sopranos."

Brian Posehn

S6 E8
Jun 10, 2002
Brian Posehn shares his love for New York City, describes what it's like to quit smoking pot and ponders whether or not he's a dork.

Gilbert Gottfried

S6 E9
Jun 17, 2002
Gilbert Gottfried questions the seating at The Last Supper, looks back on the bad masks in "Planet of the Apes" and talks about Hollywood's three-name trend.

Carlos Mencia

S6 E10
Jun 24, 2002
Carlos Mencia explains why venting is helpful, describes America's best qualities and creates a new fast-food mascot.

Jimmy Pardo

S6 E11
Jul 1, 2002
Jimmy Pardo elaborates on the dangers of cutting your own hair, describes the difference between hotel showers and home showers, and talks about dealing with traffic.