Season 7

Episode Guide

Beg, Barter, Steal

S7 E1
Sep 19, 2003
The castaways are given a shock when Jeff tells them they will be starting the game rather than taking publicity photos.

To Quit or Not to Quit

S7 E2
Sep 25, 2003
The Morgan tribe has trouble sleeping as the cold nights have taken their toll on the contestants.

United We Stand, Divided We...

S7 E3
Oct 2, 2003
A challenge comes down to the wire between the Morgan and Drake Tribes for who will win immunity.

Pick a Castaway...Any Castaway

S7 E4
Oct 9, 2003
Drake is overcome with joy when Shawn finds a treasure chest filled with goblets, candles, candle holders, canned foods, sugar, honey, blankets, coffee beans, and chocolate.

Everyone's Hero

S7 E5
Oct 16, 2003
One member of the Drake tribe is left out in the cold when a plan to deceive the Morgan tribe backfires.

Me And My Snake

S7 E6
Oct 24, 2003
Having also won the opportunity to loot an item from the losing camps tribe, the visiting castaway makes a stunning confession.

What the...? Part I

S7 E7
Oct 31, 2003
Tensions rise when Rupert confronts Jon following a tribal council meeting

What The...? Part 2

S7 E8
Nov 7, 2003
Tensions and nerves plague both tribe as they each wait for an outcast to rejoin their tribe

Shocking! Simply Shocking!

S7 E9
Nov 14, 2003
A sudden bounty of food for some causes energy levels to rise, egos to clash, suspicions to fester and one group of castaways to plan a coup.

Swimming With Sharks

S7 E10
Nov 21, 2003
Two castaways find the opportunity to hatch a plan to keep from being voted off.

The Great Lie

S7 E11
Nov 27, 2003
A castaway is accused of sabotaging the tribe's food supply, but is it a false accusation

Would You Be My Brutus Today?

S7 E12
Dec 5, 2003
Faltering alliances leave everyone vulnerable at tribal council.


S7 E13
Dec 12, 2003
Certain survivors begin to question their current alliances as the remaining five scramble to stay on the island.

Flames And Endurance

S7 E14
Dec 15, 2003
The final four compete for the $1 million dollar prize.


S7 E15
Dec 15, 2003
The winner is revealed as the castaways reunite to discuss the season.