Season 5

Episode Guide

The Importance of Being Eldest

S5 E1
Sep 20, 2002
16 new castaways will be marooned on the remote island of Koh Tarutao as they vie to become the "Ultimate Survivor."

The Great Divide

S5 E2
Sep 27, 2002
Helen and Jan get lost while in search of their water source.

Family Values

S5 E3
Oct 4, 2002
An explosive argument between two tribemates sparks heated debate about facts, rumors and loyalties within the tribe.

Gender Bender

S5 E4
Oct 11, 2002
One tribe begins to divide along gender lines.

The Ocean's Surprise

S5 E5
Oct 18, 2002
One of the castaways feels the wrath of a stingray during a group swim.

The Power of One

S5 E6
Oct 25, 2002
Members of a secret alliance suspect that others are on to them.


S5 E7
Nov 1, 2002
According to their calculations, the survivors believe the two camps will merge into one...what they don't anticipate are the details.

Sleeping with the Enemy

S5 E8
Nov 8, 2002
Tensions between the castaways are at an all-time high.

Desperate Measures

S5 E9
Nov 15, 2002
News from home draws sharp responses for tribemates and may impact one castaway's future.

While the Cats Are Away

S5 E10
Nov 22, 2002
A castaway blatantly betrays a former ally and shocks all.

A Closer Look

S5 E11
Nov 28, 2002
Highlights of some of the best moments from the first 10 weeks along with never-before-seen footage.

A Big Surprise... and Another

S5 E12
Dec 6, 2002
The castaways are stunned by a reward challenge that takes them by complete surprise.

The Tides Are Turning

S5 E13
Dec 13, 2002
One survivor feels betrayed and subsequently alters strategy in retaliation.

Slip Through Your Fingers

S5 E14
Dec 20, 2002
CBS will reveal the sole survivor on a special two-hour series finale of SURVIVOR.

The Reunion

S5 E15
Dec 20, 2002
The 16 castaways reunite to talk about their adventure with Jeff, who eventually reveals where "Survivor VI" will take place.