Season 1

Episode Guide

The Marooning

S1 E1
Jun 1, 2000
16 average Americans board the Mata Hari only to later salvage supplies, jump overboard and be marooned on the small uncharted deserted island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea off the Malaysian Coast of Borneo.

The Generation Gap

S1 E2
Jun 8, 2000
Pagong are growing weary of BB's bossy and domineering attitude, and as Greg and Colleen begin to get friendly, the crabby 60-something clashes with Ramoana and Joel.

Quest For Food

S1 E3
Jun 15, 2000
At Pagong, Greg and Colleen continue to grow closer as the younger tribe members begin to grow more accustom to their island home. Meanwhile, across the island at Tagi camp, Stacey's raw attitude continues to annoy the rest of her tribemates, especially the elder members.

Too Little Too Late?

S1 E4
Jun 22, 2000
Stacey's departure seems to have brought peace to Tagi, though Susan feels some people still could work harder. Across at Pagong, Ramona feels left out and Greg has developed an odd penchant for pretending to talk on the phone

Pulling Your Own Weight

S1 E5
Jun 29, 2000
At Tagi, everyone begins to get annoyed by Dirk and Sean's inability to contribute anything worthwhile to the tribe, although the duo has been searching for tapioca and fishing.

Udder Revenge

S1 E6
Jul 6, 2000
As Tagi and Pagong prepare to merge into one tribe, both teams are looking to the future, but not all of them will make it there.

The Merger

S1 E7
Jul 13, 2000
Finally, the two tribes are set to merge into one. Jenna and Sean serve as ambassadors for their tribes, meeting at one another's camp to discuss where the new tribe should stay.

Thy Name Is Duplicity

S1 E8
Jul 20, 2000
Colleen, Jenna, Gervase & Greg return to camp shocked that fellow castmate Gretchen was voted out.

Old And New Bonds

S1 E9
Jul 27, 2000
The former Pagong members finally realize that Tagi members Richard, Susan, Kelly, and Rudy have an alliance.

Crack In The Alliance

S1 E10
Aug 3, 2000
It's a day of luck for Gervase - who, after hearing news of the birth of his baby boy, wins the Reward Challenge, giving him a chance to chat with his girlfriend, Carmella, about the baby, and a big slice of pizza.

Long Hard Days

S1 E11
Aug 10, 2000
As the game of Survivor draws to its conclusion, the remaining six contestants fight it out for a place in the final four.

Death Of An Alliance

S1 E12
Aug 17, 2000
It's day 34, and the five remaining Survivors are all members of the original Tagi tribe.

The Final Four

S1 E13
Aug 24, 2000
We're down to the Final Four - Richard, Kelly, Rudy and Susan, the original Tagi alliance.

Survivor: The Reunion

S1 E14
Aug 24, 2000
In this special reunion of all castaways, Bryant Gumbel poses questions to the castaways about their 39 days on the island.