Season 18

Episode Guide

Let's Get Rid of All the Weak Players Before We Even Start

S18 E1
Feb 13, 2009
Prior to the tribes embarking on a grueling first challenge where they have the opportunity to impress their tribemates, the castaways are faced with a surprise vote based solely on first impressions.

The Poison Apple Needs to Go

S18 E2
Feb 20, 2009
An Exile Island twist opens the door for the castaways to play the game like never before, meanwhile the quest for a hidden immunity idol goes terribly wrong leaving two castaways in a tight spot.

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

S18 E3
Feb 27, 2009
One tribe struggles with a tough decision when they discover a weakness in their ranks.

The Strongest Man Alive

S18 E4
Mar 6, 2009
An all-time Survivor strength record is threatened in a grueling endurance competition.

You're Going to Want That Tooth

S18 E5
Mar 13, 2009
An overzealous castaway risks it all in the immunity challenge and pays with a tooth, while another castaway finds himself in hot water for not performing during the challenge.

The First Fifteen Days

S18 E6
Mar 26, 2009
This special edition in a special time period for this week only, provides an intimate look behind-the-scenes at camp life including alliances that have formed, Taj revealing her emotional struggle with being away from her family and Tyson's playful side around the ladies in camp.

One of Those 'Coach Moments'

S18 E7
Apr 3, 2009
Empty stomachs and one castaway's arrogance begin to eat away at the Timbira tribe and a fake immunity idol is introduced into the game.

The Dragon Slayer

S18 E8
Apr 10, 2009
A power player decides to come into the merge fighting, but his plan may be thwarted before it can be carried out. Meanwhile, an exiled pair makes a shocking discovery.

The Biggest Fraud In the Game

S18 E9
Apr 17, 2009
An unlikely trio find themselves enjoying an epic reward together. Meanwhile, allies are left behind and become concerned that the reward will result in unplanned bonding with a common enemy.

It's Funny When People Cry

S18 E10
Apr 24, 2009
One castaway attempts to pull off a last minute upset with a devious strategic move, while another becomes an outcast and is forced to beg for a second chance.

They Both Went Bananas

S18 E11
May 1, 2009
With her heart on her sleeve, one castaway takes an honest approach to the game but lands herself in hot water with everyone.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

S18 E12
May 8, 2009
A tough decision gives one castaway the chance to sacrifice personal comfort to benefit the rest of the tribe, and a tricky immunity challenge puts brains and brawn to the test as the weary castaways fight for a guaranteed spot in the final five.

The Martyr Approach

S18 E13
May 15, 2009
In the aftermath of Tribal Council, a shocking betrayal is revealed, leaving one castaway reeling. Meanwhile, another castaway takes a bizarre approach to Exile Island, which has a polarizing effect on the rest of the tribe.

I Trust You But I Trust Me More

S18 E14
May 18, 2009
After one shocking vote, a seed of doubt is planted by a carefully constructed lie that, after the second vote, leaves the final two turning on each other at the final Tribal Council.

Live Reunion Show

S18 E15
May 18, 2009
During a live reunion show the Survivors get together for the first time since being in Brazil to discuss the results of the game.