Season 2

Episode Guide


S2 E1
Jan 29, 2001
16 American contestants battle it out in The Australian Outback for 42 days, all vying for the grand prize of $1million. The 16 are split into two tribes - Kucha and Ogakor.


S2 E2
Feb 2, 2001
The separation from food really starts to take a toll on some of the contestants. However, everyone is bound to get some nutrition with the Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, the food supplied - cow brains, beetles, and worms - is not what the castaways hoped for.

Trust No One

S2 E3
Feb 9, 2001
Mike becomes increasingly obsessed with hunting a pig for his tribe. Meanwhile, Jeff and Alicia make an alliance and Jerri and Colby continue to get closer when Jerri spends the day massaging Colby's back, causing others to becomes suspicious of their relationship.

The Killing Fields

S2 E4
Feb 16, 2001
Mike finally hunts and kills a pig for his tribe. Meanwhile, a forest fire is creeping closer to Ogakor camp and the survivors get worried.

The Gloves Come Off

S2 E5
Feb 23, 2001
Jerri wakes up to find smoke covering camp from the fire, but has other things on her mind - just recently she has realized that Colby has an alliance with Tina & Keith.

Trial By Fire

S2 E6
Mar 2, 2001
Things seem to be looking up for Kucha - their winning streak looks to be restarting, and they create a new kind of food: Kucha corn, made by heating up chicken feed. But the same fire that cheers the Kucha tribe up turns suddenly volatile when tribe "leader" Michael passes out from smoke inhalation, and falls face-first into the camp fire.

The Merge

S2 E7
Mar 9, 2001
Kucha and Ogakor receive tree mail at their camps - the tribes are merging, and as a pre-merge twist, the women are all meeting together at Ogakor camp and the men are all converging at Kucha camp.


S2 E8
Mar 15, 2001
Desperate to keep her tribe alive, Elisabeth begins to think that she can possibly lure Tina to vote for Jerri, the perfect person to target, because of her annoyance-level at camp.

The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

S2 E9
Mar 22, 2001
A look back at the first 24 days of "Survivor: The Australian Outback" including never-before-seen footage.

Honeymoon Or Not?

S2 E10
Mar 30, 2001
Jerri and Colby win a reward challenge, where they are sent to spend the afternoon on the Great Barrier Reef.

Let's Make A Deal

S2 E11
Apr 6, 2001
As the days grow longer and the temperature increases, the energy-less Barramundi Tribe quickly shifts into survival mode, trying to find a way to get food, since they only have one cup of rice left.

No Longer Just A Game

S2 E12
Apr 13, 2001
The remaining 6 survivors compete in a reward challenge which sees Colby winning yet again.

Enough Is Enough

S2 E13
Apr 20, 2001
The remaining 5 survivors (Colby, Tina, Elisabeth, Rodger & Keith) are beginning to get homesick.

The Final Four

S2 E14
Apr 27, 2001
It's day 37 in the Outback, and only four contestants remain.

The Most Deserving

S2 E15
May 4, 2001
It's the last three days in the Outback, and only Keith, Tina and Colby remain.


S2 E16
May 4, 2001
Live from Television City in Hollywood, Jeff Probst tallies the seven votes cast by the jury on Night 42, and reveals the $1,000,000 winner of "Survivor: The Australian Outback."

Home From The Outback

S2 E17
May 11, 2001
Follow the lives of each "Survivor II" contestant after they return home from the Australian Outback.