Season 10

Episode Guide

The Big Fairy Share Scare

S10 E1
Jan 15, 2016
Timmy finds out that he has to share his fairies with the new girl in school, Chloe Carmichael. But when Chloe realizes she can use her magic for good, she wishes everyone in Dimmsdale would share everything, and chaos ensues.

Whittle Me This/Mayor May Not

S10 E2
Feb 7, 2016
Catman thinks Timmy has been kidnapped. He mistakes Chloe for Catgirl and enlists her help to save Timmy. Timmy wishes Dad was Mayor, but Timmy gets tortured by the paparazzi and risks having his fairies discovered.

Girly Squirrely/Birthday Battle: Transmorphers Versus Unicorns

S10 E3
Mar 30, 2001
Chloe joins the Squirrely Scouts and saves the troop by helping them get their first merit badge. Timmy and Chloe find out they have the same birthday and compete for the best party.

The Fair Bears/Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.

S10 E4
Mar 30, 2001
Chloe's favorite cartoon characters come to life and brainwash Timmy and Wanda. Timmy's enemies learn that he is helpless without his fairies and try to destroy him when he's weak.

A Sash and a Rash/Fish Out of Water

S10 E5
Sep 12, 2016
Chloe thinks she has a stress-caused rash and wishes to be a slacker, but Dimmsdale falls apart without her. Dad wants to catch a giant fish to win a trophy, but Chloe wishes all the fish could fight back.

Animal Crockers/One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest

S10 E6
Sep 14, 2016
Chloe wishes that an animal that looks oddly like Mr. Crocker would no longer be endangered. Timmy, Chloe and the fairies go inside Mr. Crocker to destroy the magical Fairy Flu germs Cosmo sneezed on him.

Booby Trapped

S10 E7
Sep 16, 2016
Cosmo and Wanda spend the night at Chloe's, disguised as Flightless Booby Birds. But when Chloe's parents decide to return the boobies to their natural habitat in the rainforest, Timmy and Chloe have to go and save them.

Blue Angel/Marked Man

S10 E8
Sep 13, 2016
Chloe's goodness is draining the Anti-Fairy World Wand. Foop disguises himself as a girl to try and break Chloe. Timmy takes Chloe to meet Mark Chang to prove to her that aliens really do exist.

Clark Laser/Married to the Mom

S10 E9
Sep 15, 2016
When Timmy and Chloe save Dark Laser's beloved pet, Flipsie, Dark Laser becomes bound to them as their bodyguard. Timmy and Chloe wish up a girlfriend for Mr. Crocker to get him off their backs.

Which is Wish/Nuts & Dangerous

S10 E10
Apr 2, 2018
Timmy and Chloe switch places, but when Cosmo loses the wands, they risk being stuck as each other forever. Dad and Timmy enter a film festival for some father-son bonding, but things get out-of-hand when Dad casts Catman.

Fairy Con/The Hungry Games

S10 E11
Apr 2, 2018
Mr. Crocker creates Wonky Cosmo and Wanda clones to get into a Fairy Convention to steal all the fairies' magic. Timmy wishes Chloe could live out her favorite dystopian movie, but quickly regrets it when everyone is hungry.

Spring Break-Up/Dimmsdale Daze

S10 E12
Apr 3, 2018
Timmy and Chloe wish their families could go camping together, which starts a feud between their parents. Chloe wishes that she could be a parent so that she can go to the Dimmsdale Daze carnival with Timmy.

Cat 'n Mouse/Chip off the Old Crock

S10 E13
Apr 3, 2018
Timmy and Chloe have to help a depressed Catman prove to his girlfriend that he's a real superhero. Mr. Crocker teaches his nephew to be a FAIRY catcher.

Space-CADAD/Summer Bummer

S10 E14
Apr 4, 2018
The Squirrely Scouts go to space to plant a flag in uncharted territory and gain special Flying Squirrely Status. Chloe gives up her summer for research. This upsets her inner child causing her to make crazy sleep wishes.

Hare Raiser/The Kale Patch Caper

S10 E15
Apr 4, 2018
Despite Timmy's strong warning, Chloe wishes the allegedly "dangerous" class bunny was free. Chloe resorts to stealing when Timmy's Dad buys the only Kale Patch Kid she needs to complete her collection.

Dadlantis/Chloe Rules!

S10 E16
Apr 5, 2018
Timmy and Chloe become eco-warriors when they save the underwater city of Atlantis from a dangerous "sea monster." Timmy regrets wishing Chloe was the school hall monitor when he sees how seriously she takes the job.

Crockin' The House/Tardy Sauce

S10 E17
Apr 5, 2018
Mrs. Crocker leaves Mr. Crocker home alone for the first time, so he calls on Timmy to teach him how to have fun. Chloe wants to break the attendance record, but Timmy tells her school is canceled and drags her to a taco stand.

Knitwits/Dimmsdale's Got Talent?

S10 E18
Apr 6, 2018
Dad takes Mom on what he thinks is a knight-themed cruise to renew their vows, but it's really a knitting cruise. Mr. Bickels hosts a talent show and everyone gets in, but Timmy.

Certifiable Super Sitter

S10 E19
Apr 6, 2018
Chloe meets Poof for the first time when he comes home from school on Spring Break. Cosmo and Wanda win a free French Dinner, so Chloe gets to babysit Poof and his friends. All goes well until Vicky shows up.

Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears/Fancy Schmancy

S10 E20
Mar 30, 2001
Yet another Squirrely Scout camping trip goes bad when Mr. Crocker and the Fair Bears show up. Timmy and Chloe's parents won't let them hang out on their friend-aversary because of their social differences.