Season 1

Episode Guide

The Big Problem/Power Mad

S1 E1
Mar 30, 2001
Timmy gets a quick lesson in "be careful what you wish for" when he wishes to be a grown-up. To make things worse, since Fairy Godparents only work with kids, Cosmo and Wanda have to leave.

Spaced Out/TransParents

S1 E2
Apr 6, 2001
Timmy tries to out-geek his buddies by wishing for an authentic looking alien during a reenactment of their favorite science fiction TV show.

A Wish Too Far/Tiny Timmy

S1 E3
Apr 13, 2001
In an attempt to get "in" with the popular clique, Timmy wishes for an abundance of material possessions, earning him favor with the popular kids, but alienating his true friends, Chester and AJ.

Father Time/Apartnership

S1 E4
Apr 20, 2001
When Timmy breaks his dad's sentimental, grade school trophy and gets punished, he wishes himself back in time to stop his dad (as a kid) from ever winning the dumb thing in the first place.

Chin Up/Dog's Day Afternoon

S1 E5
Apr 27, 2001
Timmy wishes The Crimson Chin out of the comic book into reality./Timmy gets jealous seeing how nicely Vicky treats her dog, Doidle, and switches places with it.

Dream Goat/The Same Game

S1 E6
May 4, 2001
Timmy feels sorry for the town's caged goat and wishes he could be free./After being teased by a dentist, Timmy wishes that everyone in the world could be alike.

Christmas Every Day

S1 E7
Dec 9, 2001
Everyone loves Christmas. Who wouldn't want to celebrate it every day? The globe is put into gridlock after Timmy wishes for 365 days of Christmas a year.