Season 9

Episode Guide

Fairly OddPet

S9 E1
Mar 23, 2013
When Timmy realizes that everyone in Dimmsdale has a pet except him, he adopts Sparky, a mischievous fairy dog. But owning a fairy dog proves to be a much bigger challenge than Timmy could have ever predicted.

Dinklescouts/I Dream of Cosmo

S9 E2
Apr 14, 2013
Timmy wishes Mr. Dinkleberg would replace Dad as Squirrely Scout leader. Dad tries to regain Timmy's respect and his leader position. Cosmo has amnesia and thinks he's Dad's genie.

Turner & Pooch/Dumbbell Curve

S9 E3
May 19, 2013
Crocker seeks out a new source of magic from Timmy's house. Realizing it's Sparky, Crocker tries to turn him against Timmy. Crocker grades on a bell curve so Timmy wishes everyone was dumber than him.

The Terrible Twosome/App Trap

S9 E4
Jun 8, 2013
Poof goes through the terrible twos. Foop goes through the terrific twos. Timmy and his fairies have to survive Poof's terrible twos. Timmy wishes up the world's coolest smartphone.

Force of Nature/Viral Vidiots

S9 E5
Jun 24, 2013
At a park clean up, Timmy wishes the animals would pick up after themselves. The animals unite and launch an all-out attack on Timmy.

Scary GodCouple

S9 E6
Oct 19, 2013
Foop becomes Vicky's anti-fairy godparent. Vicky and Foop terrorize Timmy and the kids of Dimmsdale.

Two and a Half Babies/Anchor's Away

S9 E7
Jul 25, 2014
Foop and Poof have to take care of an egg for a school project. Foop breaks it and swaps it with a dangerous one. Chet Ubetcha quits his job. Dad becomes the new news man. Timmy must get Chet back in order to save the city.

Finding Emo/Dust Busters

S9 E8
Jul 9, 2014
Timmy likes a new girl at school. He wishes he was "emo" and stops caring about everything. Timmy and the fairies have to rid his home of fairy dust. The basement comes alive. Mom and Dad go to a fake spa.

The Bored Identity/Country Clubbed

S9 E9
Jul 23, 2014
Dad is depressed because everyone thinks he is boring. Timmy wishes Dad's life was like an action movie. Timmy and his parents get invited to a country club. Cosmo feuds with a gopher. Timmy wishes to be a socialite.

Dog Gone/Turner Back Time

S9 E10
Jul 28, 2014
Dad refuses to sell Sparky to his boss so he makes Dad's life miserable at work. Timmy and Sparky hatch a plan. Timmy wishes his ancestors had picked different careers. Timmy's family becomes rich and spoiled.

Cosmonopoly/Hero Hound

S9 E11
Jul 7, 2014
Timmy, his dad, and fairies get stuck in a board game created by Cosmo. Timmy wishes Sparky would get a chance to be heroic. Dad thinks he can talk to animals.

A Boy and his Dog-Boy/Crock Blocked

S9 E12
Jul 8, 2014
Timmy wishes Mr. Crocker would disappear. Crocker becomes invisible. Dad thinks the house is haunted. Timmy wishes Sparky was a human. Timmy becomes a dog and has to convince Sparky to change back to canine form.

Weirdos on a Train/Tons of Timmys

S9 E13
Jul 29, 2014
Dad and Crocker make a deal. As a result, Crocker becomes best friends with Dinkleberg. Timmy wishes up 5000 Timmys for the Planet of the Dads. The Timmys kidnap Cosmo and Wanda.

Let Sleeper Dogs Lie/Cat-astrophe

S9 E14
Jul 14, 2014
Crocker tries to trigger Sparky with a secret word. Catman confuses Sparky for his old arch-nemesis Dogman.

Lame Ducks/Perfect Nightmare

S9 E15
Jul 30, 2014
Dad organizes a neighborhood watch program to catch a neighborhood thief. Timmy wishes he had the perfect family in order to win a contest. Everyone goes crazy trying to be perfect.

Love at First Bark/Desperate Without Housewives

S9 E16
Jul 21, 2014
Dad forbids Sparky from dating Dinkleberg's new dog. Timmy wishes Dad would like the dog as much as Sparky. When Mom won't stop nagging Timmy and Dad, Timmy wishes all women away for one day.

Jerk of All Trades/Snack Attack

S9 E17
Jul 15, 2014
Timmy gets Jorgen fired. He helps Jorgen find a new job. Sparky makes his own magic dog treats. Crocker tries to buy one million of them in order to make a wish.

Turning Into Turner/The Wand That Got Away

S9 E18
Jul 16, 2014
Using Timmy's DNA, Crocker pretends to be Timmy from the future. Cosmo loses his wand and Timmy and the gang must help find it.

Stage Fright/Gone Flushin'

S9 E19
Jul 22, 2014
Vicky decides to be an actress and makes Timmy help her land her first role. Dad accidentally flushes Timmy and the fairies down the toilet.

Fairly Old Parent

S9 E20
Mar 28, 2015
Poof finally becomes a fairy godparent. Unfortunately, it's to Mrs. Crocker.

School of Crock

S9 E21
May 26, 2014
Poof is going through "pooferty" and is finally learning to speak! Meanwhile, Mr. Crocker becomes a teacher at the Fairy Academy and tries to steal all the students' magic!

Dimmsdale Tales

S9 E22
Jul 18, 2014
Dad takes the Squirrely Scouts on a camping trip and forgets all the supplies. Timmy tries to make the most of their trip by telling a collection of scary stories around a campfire.

The Past and the Furious

S9 E23
Jul 11, 2014
Cosmo and Wanda take Timmy on a trip back in time to meet some of their past Godkids. But things take a turn for the worst when Timmy interacts with the past and alters the future!

The Fairy Beginning

S9 E24
Mar 28, 2015
When Jorgen discovers that Cosmo never graduated from the Fairy Academy, he threatens to take away his job as a Fairy Godparent. To solve the mystery of what happened, the gang looks through Cosmo's memories of his teenage years.

Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

S9 E25
Aug 1, 2014
In order to put a restless Poof to sleep, Wanda decides to read him a book of Fairy Tales. Only the "fairy tales" Wanda reads are the classic stories with a "Fairy Odd Parents" spin!

Man's Worst Friend

S9 E26
Feb 8, 2015
In order to make Timmy and his family miserable, Foop replaces Sparky with the Anti-Sparky. He then decides to make all of Dimmsdale unhappy by replacing all pets with an evil pet. Timmy and his fairies must save Dimmsdale.