Season 2

Episode Guide

The Boys in the Band/Hex Games

S2 E1
Mar 1, 2002
Vicky has kidnapped teen singing sensation Chip Skylark, and a stadium full of screaming girls are going to tear the town apart if he doesn't perform for them.

Boy Toy/Inspection Detection

S2 E2
Mar 8, 2002
Hoping for one last adventure with his old Crimson Chin action figure, Timmy wishes himself doll-sized./It is inspection day for Timmy, Wanda and Cosmo.

Action Packed/Smarty Pants

S2 E3
Mar 22, 2002
Timmy wishes that his life could be just like an action movie, but things quickly get out of control when all of Timmy's loved ones are put in grave danger.

A Mile in My Shoes/Super Bike

S2 E4
May 10, 2002
Nobody appreciates what it takes to be a kid or fairy godparent./For the annual Father-Son bike race, Timmy wishes up a bike that's unstoppable.

Timvisible/That Ol' Black Magic

S2 E5
Apr 26, 2002
Timmy's shot at the perfect attendance award at school is threatened./It is Friday the 13th and the "anti-fairies" are making sure that nobody has a good time.

Foul Balled/The Boy Who Would Be Queen

S2 E6
Jun 7, 2002
Timmy wishes that Chester was the best baseball player./Timmy must learn how a girl thinks and decides to become a girl for the day.

Totally Spaced Out/The Switch Glitch

S2 E7
Jul 12, 2002
Totally Spaced Out/The Switch Glitch: When Timmy vaguely wishes that Vicky was a million, million miles from him, she ends up being brought to the War planet of Yugopatamia, and lands in the love-struck tentacles of Mark Chang, alien prince!

Knighty Knight/Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad

S2 E8
Sep 6, 2002
Tired of the lame Ren Fair, Timmy accidentally wishes himself and his friends into the middle ages./Timmy wishes that his Mom and Dad had every super power imaginable.

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary/Nectar of The Odds

S2 E9
Sep 13, 2002
Timmy finds out that he's not the only kid in school with Fairy Godparents./To earn money for tickets to the Crash Nebula On Ice Show, Timmy opens a "special" lemonade stand.

Hail to the Chief/Twistory

S2 E10
Sep 27, 2002
Timmy decides to run for Student Body President to capture the attentions and affections of the lovely and popular Trixie Tang. /Timmy has Cosmo and Wanda magically poof up George Washington, Ben Frankin and Thomas Jefferson.

Fool's Day Out/Deja Vu

S2 E11
Oct 11, 2002
Timmy needs help pulling the ultimate prank on April Fool's Day, and calls upon the April Fool to help him./Unhappy with the outcome of real life, Timmy wishes for a reset button that allows him to reset the day.

Information Stupor Highway

S2 E12
Jan 20, 2003
When Dad sends Timmy's "threat-mantic" E-mail to Trixie Tang, and Cosmo and Wanda can't retrieve it, Timmy has no choice. but to turn himself into data and dive into the internet!

Scary Godparents

S2 E13
Oct 29, 2002
It's Halloween and Timmy is a mummy, wrapped in toilet paper and Trick or Treating with Vicky as his chaperone.