Season 7

Episode Guide


S7 E1
Sep 16, 1972
Emmy winner Carl Betz and Barbara Anderson, and Robert Conrad are the guest stars as Jim Phelps, with the aid of Barney's electronic wizardry, takes in the guise of a hot-shot pool hustler to break up an illegal gambling operation.

Two Thousand

S7 E2
Sep 23, 1972
Vic Morrow guest stars as Joe Collins, a nuclear scientist who is made to believe that he is a prisoner in the year 2000 and is about to be executed as part of the IMF's plans to learn where he has hidden enough plutonium to construct a dozen atomic bombs.

The Deal

S7 E3
Sep 30, 1972
Robert Webber guest stars as Charles Rogan, a syndicate leader with the key to the five million dollar bankroll that will finance the overthrow the government of Camagua.


S7 E4
Oct 7, 1972
Robert Goulet guest stars as Joe Epic, a syndicate crime leader and key figure in an IMF plan to free a captured undercover agent.


S7 E5
Oct 15, 1972
To locate a terrorist ring called Alpha Group, the IMF convinces turncoat intelligence agent Gordon Holt, played by guest star Peter Haskell, that he's been exposed to the stolen biological weapon he's been hired to deliver.


S7 E6
Oct 21, 1972
William Shatner guest stars as Joe Conrad, a drug dealer who becomes the unwitting dupe of the Impossible Missions Force in their plan to capture the largest shipment of cocaine ever brought into the country.


S7 E7
Oct 28, 1972
To locate several hundred million dollars in illegal gambling funds, Phelps poses as a murderer to infiltrate a gang that specializes in spiriting wanted men out of the country after first brainwashing them to learn the whereabouts of their vast sums of money.


S7 E8
Nov 5, 1972
Phelps poses as the head of a Hollywood movie studio intent on making a motion picture that parallels exactly the unsolved murder committed by one of the studio's executives as part of the IMF plan to prevent a crime syndicate's takeover of the studio.


S7 E9
Nov 12, 1972
Phelps poses as a government investigator who must work through a crooked district attorney to prove that a crime syndicate boss killed his girlfriend.


S7 E10
Nov 19, 1972
Phelps and Mimi take on the guises of fugitives to invade the home of Jerome Cooper, a nuclear scientist, played by guest star Murray Hamilton, who is threatening to destroy a major American city with a fifty megaton hydrogen bomb.


S7 E11
Dec 3, 1972
Jim Phelps is kidnapped and held for ransom until Barney, Casey and Willy can steal an incriminating letter from a safe deposit box and turn it over to crime syndicate boss Andrew Metzger, played by guest star John Ireland.


S7 E12
Dec 10, 1972
Alex Cord, Marlyn Mason and Peter Breck are the guest stars as Jim Phelps poses as a master chess champion to trap a criminal with a near genius mentality and his mysterious boss. (

The Puppet

S7 E13
Dec 23, 1972
Roddy McDowall guest stars as Leo Ostro, a brilliant crime syndicate boss who becomes the target of the IMF when he launches a mysterious one hundred million dollar scheme.


S7 E14
Jan 6, 1973
Kim Hunter guest stars as Hannah O'Connel, a brilliant but superstitious criminal who escapes to a Caribbean country and is drawn into a voodoo ceremony by the IMF to locate a cache of stolen gold she has hidden away.


S7 E15
Jan 13, 1973
Laraine Stephens guest stars as the beautiful wife of a crime syndicate boss who becomes the target of both the underworld and the Impossible Missions Force when she has her husband killed and steals his records of the syndicate's operations.

The Question

S7 E16
Jan 20, 1973
Elizabeth Ashley guest stars as a beautiful IMF agent who becomes the key to determining if Gary Lockwood, as enemy agent Nicholai Varsi, is telling the truth when he claims he's defecting to the United States.

The Fountain

S7 E17
Jan 20, 1973
George Maharis guest stars as John Bachman, an underworld figure with access to the syndicate's top secret computerized records, who is convinced by the IMF that he has found the fountain of youth.

The Fighter

S7 E18
Feb 10, 1973
William Windom guest stars as Paul Mitchell, a boxing promoter tied to a crime syndicate who becomes a target of the IMF when one of his fighters is killed before he can talk to the police.


S7 E19
Feb 17, 1973
A breathtaking motorcycle chase over the hills of San Francisco figures prominently in the IMF's plan to recover three tons of the drug commonly known as "speed" from Sam Hibbing's illegal drug operation.

The Pendulum

S7 E20
Feb 24, 1973
Dean Stockwell guest stars as Gunnar Malstrom, one of the leaders of Pendulum, a secret terrorist organization with a plan involving a major attack on the government that the Impossible Missions Force is assigned to uncover.

The Western

S7 E21
Mar 3, 1973
Ed Nelson guest stars as Van Cleve, a brilliant thief who is convinced by the IMF that he has the power of precognition as part of its plan to recover the more than five million dollars worth of art treasures that he has stolen.


S7 E22
Mar 31, 1973
Singer Barbara McNair guest stars as Jena Cole, the beautiful leader of a band of jewel thieves who falls in love with Barney, who has infiltrated her operation to recover the stolen crown jewels of a foreign nation