Season 4

Episode Guide

The Code

S4 E1
Sep 28, 1969
Leonard Nimoy becomes a member of the Impossible Missions Force and, as Paris of the IMF, helps crack a vital code by hijacking a plane so the enemy can capture one of the passengers, in the fourth season premiere episode

The Numbers Game

S4 E2
Oct 05, 1969
Guest star Mai (cq) Britt is a dangerous obstacle when the IMF sets out to learn the number of her husband's Swiss hank account by convincing him World War III has started

The Controllers, pt. 1

S4 E3
Oct 12, 1969
Leonard Nimoy, formerly of the "Star Trek" series, and guest star Dina Merrill join the Impossible Missions Force to fight a mind-destroying drug that could enslave the free world in the first of a two-part episode.

The Controllers, pt. 2

S4 E4
Oct 19, 1969
Jim Phelps lets himself be framed for murder in a scheme to discredit a scientist who has developed a mind-destroying drug in the second of a two-part episode.

Fool's Gold

S4 E5
Oct 26, 1969
Musical comedy star Sally Ann Howes plays a dramatic role as a guest member of the IMF when it sets out to foil a plot to ruin a friendly country with counterfeit money.


S4 E6
Nov 02, 1969
To free an imprisoned priest whose life is at stake, Jim Phelps poses as a missionary, Paris becomes a Chinese general and Barney builds a helicopter.


S4 E7
Nov 16, 1969
To locate a hoard of stolen money, the IMF takes the one man who knows its hiding place (guest star Stephen McNally) on a bizarre submarine voyage.


S4 E8
Nov 23, 1969
In a battle with organized crime, the IMF sets up a bizarre mind-transfer experiment to convince a syndicate leader he is being double-crossed.


S4 E9
Nov 30, 1969
Lee Meriwether and Malachi Throne are guest stars in an IMF plot involving doubles and double-dealing, with Paris playing five different roles and Jim Phelps turning magician.

The Double Circle

S4 E10
Dec 07, 1969
Guest star Anne Francis joins the IMF when it sets out to prevent destruction of a secret formula vital to America's missile defense system.

The Brothers

S4 E11
Dec 14, 1969
The IMF turns itself into a surgical team to operate on a tyrannical ruler who has imprisoned the rightful king, his twin brother.

Time Bomb

S4 E12
Dec 21, 1969
To head off a threatened atomic blast, Jim Phelps gains entry to a top secret nuclear plant by posing as a temperamental artist with guest star Barbara Luna as his model.

The Amnesiac

S4 E13
Dec 28, 1969
As a doctor with a startling new treatment for amnesia, Jim Phelps forces Paris to relive another man's past when the IMF pushes a search for stolen nuclear material.

The Falcon, pt. 1

S4 E14
Jan 04, 1970
Guest stars Noel Harrison and Diane Baker are drawn into a daring IMF charade that uses a trained falcon to help in a crown jewel theft in the first of a three-part episode.

The Falcon, pt. 2

S4 E15
Jan 11, 1970
Barney is blinded in an accident, a bride-to-be is buried alive and Paris poses as a man he is unaware is marked for death in the second of a three-part episode.

The Falcon, pt. 3

S4 E16
Jan 18, 1970
A trained falcon is summoned in a last-ditch rescue attempt when Jim Phelps finds his IMF endangered by a traitor's assassination plot in the last of a three-part episode.


S4 E17
Jan 25, 1970
A dog that collects rare stamps -- on command from the IMF -- figures in a perilous journey to the stronghold of a narcotics kingpin (guest star Fernando Lamas


S4 E18
Feb 01, 1970
The IMF hides a young prince from assassins by disguising him as a gypsy girl, then Paris sets out to betray the boy to his pursuers.


S4 E19
Feb 08, 1970
To fight an aging dictator's purge of young artists, an IMF member (guest star Antoinette Bower) becomes a ghost and Paris assumes the guise of a man long dead.


S4 E20
Feb 15, 1970
To calm a Middle East trouble spot, the IMF tries to keep a man in prison long enough to make it look as though he is trying to break out.

Lover's Knot

S4 E21
Feb 22, 1970
In the midst of delicate operations to identify the chief of an espionage ring, Jim Phelps realizes that Paris has fallen in love with an enemy agent.


S4 E22
Mar 01, 1970
Jim Phelps assumes a risky pose as a drug addict with information to sell to get behind the Iron Curtain where he seeks to stop an unknown assassin from killing an unknown victim.

The Crane

S4 E23
Mar 08, 1970
After rescuing a prisoner from execution by a dictator (guest star Carl Betz), the IMF has to find a hiding place so conspicuous it will be overlooked by police hunting the fugitive.

Death Squad

S4 E24
Mar 15, 1970
Jim Phelps leads the IMF to aid one of its own members when Barney is arrested and marked for execution by a sadistic police chief

The Choice

S4 E25
Mar 22, 1970
Paris is marked for execution when he impersonates a power-mad mystic trying to win control of a friendly country by hypnotizing its woman ruler.

The Martyr

S4 E26
Mar 29, 1970
To keep a student congress from being used as a rubber stamp by a repressive premier (John Larch), the IMF sets Phelps up for capture so he can betray Paris as a turncoat student leader.