Season 2

Episode Guide

The Widow

S2 E1
Sep 10, 1967
The Impossible Missions Force is asked to destroy an international narcotics ring operated by Alex Cresnic and his partner Mark Walters.


S2 E2
Sep 17, 1967
The Impossible Missions Force matches wits with a hijacker and a disloyal prison commandant.

The Survivors

S2 E3
Sep 24, 1967
A grave threat to national security is posed when an enemy agent (Albert Paulsen) kidnaps two of the three key scientists who collectively know the formula for the cobalt bomb.

The Bank

S2 E4
Oct 01, 1967
The Impossible Missions Force is dispatched to Berlin's East Zone.

The Slave pt. 1

S2 E5
Oct 08, 1967
The IMF is called upon to end an inhuman situation which the United Nations has been unable to abolish: slave trade in the country of Elkabar, ruled by King Ibn Borca.

The Slave pt. 2

S2 E6
Oct 15, 1967
The IMF continues to battle slave-trading in a Middle Eastern country by eliminating De Groot, one of the principal suppliers of victims for King Borca's slave market.

Operation Heart

S2 E7
Oct 22, 1967
The IMF races against time to convince the president (Pernell Roberts) of a small country that his chief of secret police plans to overthrow the government and seize power.

The Money Machine

S2 E8
Oct 29, 1967
The economy of the small African country of Ghalea is threatened by a mass counterfeiting scheme directed by Walter DuBruis, one of the country's richest financiers.

The Seal

S2 E9
Nov 05, 1967
America's relations with Kuala Rokat, a small neutral country on the China-India border, are threatened when a priceless national treasure, a carved jade seal, is stolen and bought by American art collector, J. Richard Taggart.

Sweet Charity

S2 E10
Nov 12, 1967
The fraudulent international activities of Gerald and Catherine Hagar, professional fund raisers for charity, take the IMF to an estate on the French-Italian border.

The Council pt. 1

S2 E11
Nov 19, 1967
Jim Phelps leads the IMF on an assignment to destroy the syndicate, a criminal empire headed by Frank Wayne.

The Council pt. 2

S2 E12
Nov 26, 1967
The IMF continues its fight against organized crime.

The Astrologer

S2 E13
Dec 03, 1967
The IMF accepts a critical mission to rescue Nikolai Kurzon, the leader-in-exile of the Baltic state of Veyska who has been kidnapped by Col. Stahl (Steve Ihnat), head of the secret police.

Echo of Yesterday

S2 E14
Dec 10, 1967
The resurgence of neo-Nazism in Germany takes the IMF to Bavaria, where Marcus von Frank (Hans Gudegast) threatens to become a second Hitler.

The Photographer

S2 E15
Dec 17, 1967
The imagination of the IMF is put to the test when a massive spy ring in the U.S. headed by fashion photographer, David Redding, threatens to cripple the country with a deadly pneumonic plague.

The Spy

S2 E16
Jan 07, 1968
NATO's missile defense system plans, mapped on two separate overlays for security reasons, are the target of a Central European spy organization.

The Game of Chess

S2 E17
Jan 14, 1968
Recovering a million dollars in gold bullion is the job of the IMF.

The Emerald

S2 E18
Jan 21, 1968
The IMF is assigned to recover microfilm plans for manipulating international gold reserves.

The Condemned

S2 E19
Jan 28, 1968
Jim Phelps comes to the aid of a personal friend.

The Counterfeiter

S2 E20
Feb 04, 1968
Destroying a drug ring is the task of the IMF.

The Town

S2 E21
Feb 18, 1968
IMF leader Jim Phelps is marked for murder.

The Killing

S2 E22
Feb 28, 1968
The IMF sets out to destroy a murder-for-hire organization.

The Phoenix

S2 E23
Mar 03, 1968
The IMF foils the attempts of a once-powerful communist to regain power.

Trial By Fury

S2 E24
Mar 10, 1968
The IMF goes to the aid of a friendly South American government which has been overthrown by revolutionaries.


S2 E25
Mar 17, 1968
The IMF takes the task of recovering a secret fail-safe device.