Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 17, 1966
IMF team leader Dan Briggs assembles his team for the first time. His team includes a master of disguise, a femme fatale, an electronics whiz, an incredibly strong man and a safecracker. Briggs will need all their skills to steal two atomic bombs from a hostile South American country.


S1 E2
Sep 24, 1966
The IMF must undermine "the Butcher of the Balkans," Janos Karq, by having his head of security capture an agent, Sparrow, who will then incriminate Karq. (

Operation Rogosh

S1 E3
Oct 1, 1966
Imry Rogosh is a mass murderer who kills to forment political upheaval. He is targeting Los Angeles, so the IMF knock him out in a car accident.

Old Man Out pt. 1

S1 E4
Oct 8, 1966
The IMF team goes in as a circus team to rescue Anton Cardinal Vossek, who is being held in the impregnable Seravno Prison.

Old Man Out pt. 2

S1 E5
Oct 8, 1966
Rollin manages to avoid the guards and get to the roof but is arrested before he can rescue Vossek.

Odds On Evil

S1 E6
Oct 22, 1966
Prince Iben Kostas plans to use his money to finance a war, the IMF team must stop him before its too late.


S1 E7
Oct 29, 1966
In the country of Valeria, the IMF must assure that the corrupt Nationalist party's rigged voting machine doesn't give them the election.

The Ransom

S1 E8
Nov 5, 1966
Mobster Frank Egan kidnaps the daughter of Dan's friend and uses her as a hostage to force Dan and the team to break out a key witness, Augie Gorman, against him.

A Spoon There Was

S1 E9
Nov 12, 1966
Rollin and Cinnamon go it alone to recover a reel of recording wire containing information on a chemical warfare project aimed at the U.S

The Carriers

S1 E10
Nov 19, 1966
Enemy agent Janos Passik is preparing to train 200 foreign agents to infiltrate the U.S. and engage in some form of bacteriological warfare.

Zubrovnik's Ghost

S1 E11
Nov 26, 1966
The wife of a deceased scientist, Kurt Zubrovnik, is being pressured by Eastern forces to work for them.


S1 E12
Dec 3, 1966
Anastas Poltroni is the head of an international narcotics syndicate, and has taken refuge in a country with no extradition treaty. The IM Force is assigned to lure him out. (


S1 E13
Dec 10, 1966
Double-agent Elena Del Barra is acting bizarrely, sending a microfilm of defense secrets from her own country. Rollin is sent into investigate, and return the microfilm without its theft ever being detected.

The Short Tail Spy

S1 E14
Dec 17, 1966
A defector has been targeted by two rival groups from the same foreign country. The team is to discredit the younger group, so that the U.S. can more easily handle the old-line group.

The Legacy

S1 E15
Jan 7, 1967
The IMF must get hold of a hoard of Nazi gold through four young men, sons of Hitler's top aides, who are sent to Switzerland to meet for the first time and pool their parts of the "puzzle" together.

The Reluctant Dragon

S1 E16
Jan 14, 1967
Dr. Cherlotov, a scientist of an enemy power, failed to defect to the West when his wife did. Now that he has developed a cheap, effective anti-ballistic system, the IMF are ordered to get him out.

The Frame

S1 E17
Jan 21, 1967
Gangster Jack Wellman is moving syndicated crime into politics, killing off certain politicians and replacing them with men more sympathetic to the Syndicate. To stop him, Briggs and his team must discredit Wellman in the eyes of the Syndicate by making it appear that he's skimming funds from them.

The Trial

S1 E18
Jan 28, 1967
Josef Varsh plans to put an American on trial on false charges, discredit the West, and gain power.

The Diamond

S1 E19
Feb 4, 1967
Henrik Durvard has taken over the country of Lombuanada by military coup, and holds the natives in terror. He has obtained a diamond from the native miners, and the IMF are assigned to take it away from him.

The Legend

S1 E20
Feb 11, 1967
An imprisoned member of the Nazi party, Herbert Raynor, is released from prison and is being flown to Puerto Huberra in South America, along with other Nazis

Snowball In Hell

S1 E21
Feb 18, 1967
A former prison guard, Sefra, has acquired a supply of cesium 138, which explodes at temperatures above 70 degrees. Rollin and Barney go in as a photographer and model respectively, and Sefra "learns" that Barney is a former prisoner returning for revenge.

The Confession

S1 E22
Feb 25, 1967
The team must break a Communist assassin who killed a U.S. Senator.


S1 E23
Mar 4, 1967
Miklos Klaar, an Iron Curtain filmmaker, has film of American soldiers and plans to edit it into an atrocity movie to discredit the U.S.

The Train

S1 E24
Mar 18, 1967
Prime Minister Larya of Svardia is working to establish democracy, but is unaware that his personal protege, Deputy Premier Pavel, plans to set up a dictatorship. The team must persuade Larya of Pavel's plans.


S1 E25
Mar 25, 1967
Enemy operative Kiri has kidnapped U.S. envoy Carl Wilson and has an imposter, Gort, who is impersonating him to discredit a U.S. trade agreement. The team must rescue Wilson and foil the impersonation before Kiri kills Wilson.

A Cube Of Sugar

S1 E26
Apr 1, 1967
The IMF team must rescue a U.S. intelligence operative who has top secret military plans on a microcircuit chip.

The Traitor

S1 E27
Apr 15, 1967
An American intelligence officer, Hughes, has defected to the enemy with the only copy of an encoded top-secret message. The IMF must get to him, get him out, discredit him, and recover the message before the enemy can get a cryptographer.

The Psychic

S1 E28
Apr 22, 1967
The team must trick a crooked investment promoter into endorsing $80 million in stolen stocks and then getting them back from him.