Season 3

Episode Guide

The Heir Apparent

S3 E1
Sep 29, 1968
Cinnamon poses as a 50-year-old blind princess, heiress to a Balkan kingdom.

The Contender, Pt. 1

S3 E2
Oct 06, 1968
The Impossible Missions Force is assigned to knock out a boxing syndicate which fixes fights to create favorable odds for a bookmaking operation, in the first half of a two-part story.

The Contender, Pt. 2

S3 E3
Oct 13, 1968
Barney poses as a fighter making his comeback, who boxes his way to a title bout with Staczek (Robert Phillips) in the second half of a two-part episode.

The Mercenaries

S3 E4
Oct 27, 1968
The Impossible Missions Force, led by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) enters Equatorial Africa to crush an army of mercenaries, led by a self-styled colonel (guest star Pernell Roberts), and to return plundered gold to its rightful owners.

The Execution

S3 E5
Nov 10, 1968
Not knowing when, where or how a dangerous adversary will strike, Jim Phelps and Cinnamon use themselves as human quarries.

The Cardinal

S3 E6
Nov 17, 1968
An army commander (played by guest star Theodore Bikel) plots to become dictator by imprisoning an influential cardinal and using a look-alike actor for a public endorsement.

The Elixir

S3 E7
Nov 24, 1968
The Impossible Missions Force offers a "fountain of youth" to the vain and dictatorial widow (guest star Ruth Roman) of the late president of a small South American country in order to depose her.

The Diplomat

S3 E8
Dec 01, 1968
Guest star Fernando Lamas portrays a diplomat-playboy who romances another diplomat's wife, played by Lee Grant.

The Play

S3 E9
Dec 08, 1968
With Phelps and Rollin as the leading men, the Impossible Missions Force stages an anti-American play which could prove to be a strong propaganda device for the enemy.

The Bargain

S3 E10
Dec 15, 1968
The former dictator of a Caribbean island is made to have hallucinatory visions in which he sees his ominous destiny as part of an ingenious plot designed by the Impossible Missions Force.

The Freeze

S3 E11
Dec 23, 1968
Before a statute of limitations expires on a 10-million dollar robbery, the Impossible Missions Force must spring the suspect from prison and dupe him into leading police to the hiding place of the money.

The Exchange

S3 E12
Jan 04, 1969
Cinnamon is captured and the enemy discovers the one thing that would unmask her identity and expose the Impossible Mission Force.

The Mind of Stefan Miklos

S3 E13
Jan 12, 1969
The Impossible Missions Force is pitted against the ingenious logic of an enemy agent (guest Steve Ihnat) as the IMF attempts to lead the agent through a maze of complicated clues in order to reach a false conclusion.

The Test Case

S3 E14
Jan 19, 1969
The Impossible Missions Force must end the murderous career of a bacteriologist working for the enemy, who has succeeded in developing a mutant strain of a deadly bacteria which could be used as a practical battlefield weapon.

The System

S3 E15
Jan 26, 1969
The Impossible Missions Force led by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) sets out to persuade the trusted henchman of a crime syndicate leader to testify against his boss.

The Glass Cage

S3 E16
Feb 02, 1969
An electronically guarded prison confronts the Impossible Missions Force when it tries to free a political prisoner (Richard Garland) from an escape-proof glass cell.


S3 E17
Feb 16, 1969
When an unscrupulous manufacturer risks World War III by offering a hydrogen bomb for sale, the Impossible Missions Force enters the bidding with a dangerous plan to keep the weapon out of enemy hands.

Live Bait

S3 E18
Feb 23, 1969
The Impossible Missions Force invades the intricate world of spies to protect an American double agent and comes up against a human time bomb.

The Bunker, Pt. 1

S3 E19
Mar 02, 1969
The IMF races a paid killer who is stalking a nuclear scientist forced by the enemy to work on a device that could upset the world power balance in the first of a two-part episode.

The Bunker, Pt. 2

S3 E20
Mar 09, 1969
While trying to free a nuclear scientist and his wife from enemy hands, the IMF is trapped when a would-be assassin takes over one of Rollin's disguises in Part 2.


S3 E21
Mar 23, 1969
The IMF find themselves only a second away from eternity when they intercept a nitroglycerine expert who plans to blow up the government house of a small country, thus provoking war with its neighbor nation.


S3 E22
Mar 30, 1969
Guest star Joan Collins, as a seductive double agent, endangers a vital IMF project when Jim Phelps falls in love with her.

The Vault

S3 E23
Apr 06, 1969
Guest star Nehemiah Persoff as a corrupt Latin American official plots to loot his own country of $40,000,000 with the connivance of the IMF.


S3 E24
Apr 13, 1969
Cinnamon and Rollin become cabaret performers in a plot to get a deranged man (guest Fritz Weaver) to fall in love with Cinnamon, then kill her.

The Interrogator

S3 E25
Apr 20, 1969
In a bold experiment with a man's mind, the IMF blanks out an enemy agent's memory (guest star Henry Silva), then sets out to make him think he is someone else.