Season 9

Episode Guide

The Home

S9 E1
Sep 19, 2004
A surprising family development occurs.

Not So Fast

S9 E2
Sep 26, 2004
Robert, Amy, Marie and Frank love their living situation.

Angry Sex

S9 E3
Oct 03, 2004
Ray worries that Debra's fight with Marie could put a stop to his plans.

P.T. & A

S9 E4
Oct 10, 2004
Ray has to tell Debra that the PTA has problems with the way she dresses.

Ally's F

S9 E5
Oct 17, 2004
Debra and Ray are shocked when Ally comes home with an "F" in math on her report card.

Boy's Therapy

S9 E6
Nov 14, 2004
The women pressure Ray and Frank to accompany Robert to one of his therapy sessions.

Debra's Parents

S9 E7
Nov 21, 2004
For the first time, all the in-laws are together at Ray and Debra's for Thanksgiving.

A Job For Robert

S9 E8
Nov 28, 2004
Robert and Amy learn that living with Frank and Marie has a downside.

A Date For Peter

S9 E9
Jan 02, 2005
Concerned that Peter is alone, Amy's parents ask Ray to offer their son some dating advice.


S9 E10
Jan 16, 2005
Marie helps Debra deal with Ray, who always leaves his stuff lying around the house.

The Faux Pas

S9 E11
Feb 06, 2005
Ray can't believe the family is so upset about what he said to one of the kids' friends when he was only trying to be funny.

Tasteless Frank

S9 E12
Feb 13, 2005
Marie is astounded when Frank puts salt on her homemade lasagna, leading her to believe that she's lost her touch in the kitchen.


S9 E13
Apr 17, 2005
Robert gets mad at Ray when he tells him that his wife talks too much.

Power Of No

S9 E14
May 01, 2005
Ray attempts to turn the tables on Debra in the bedroom.

Pat's Secret

S9 E15
May 08, 2005
Robert is surprised when he catches Pat (Georgia Engel) concealing a big secret from her family.


S9 E16
May 15, 2005
The hit comedy says farewell in a half-hour series finale.