Season 2

Episode Guide

Ray's On TV

S2 E1
Sep 23, 1997
Ray is devastated when he realizes his family lied to him regarding his guest appearance on a television sports chat show. Looking to correct his awkwardness, Ray goes on again with even more disastrous results.

Father Knows Least

S2 E2
Sep 30, 1997
Ray finds that the "active listening" techniques, that he and Debra have learned in a parenting class, work much better on his parents than on his kids.


S2 E3
Oct 7, 1997
At the urging of his parents and Debra, Ray reluctantly takes Robert for a night out, on the anniversary of his brother's divorce. The brothers begin a newfound bonding experience, until Roberts begins to want to get in touch with Ray's feelings.


S2 E4
Oct 14, 1997
When Ally wants to quit taking piano lessons from Marie, Ray tries to set an example for her by resuming the lessons he too had quit as a child.


S2 E5
Oct 21, 1997
Ray tricks Debra into allowing him to play golf and his guilt manifests itself as an anxiety attack. To compound his guilt, the doctor prescribes even more golf. Frank thinks Ray has mental problems; Marie checks with Debra to assure she's meeting Ray's "needs". After Debra makes herself "available" to Ray, he confesses all.


S2 E6
Oct 28, 1997
On the eve of Frank and Marie's wedding anniversary, Ray finds out the startling news that his parents were separated for a year and would have gotten divorced if he hadn't broken his arm, forcing his dad to come home.

Working Late Again

S2 E7
Nov 4, 1997
Debra realizes she's made a huge mistake, after she persuades Raymond to work from home so that he can spend more time with his family.

The Children's Book

S2 E8
Nov 11, 1997
Ray and his wife bring out the worst in each other after Debra asks him to help her write a children's book.

The Gift

S2 E9
Nov 18, 1997
For his 65th birthday, Ray buys his father, Frank a tropical aquarium. When one of the fish dies, Frank goes into a serious depression, which Ray attributes to his dad facing his own mortality. The real issue is Frank's anger at Ray for being able to afford to buy him a forty dollar fish.

High School

S2 E10
Nov 25, 1997
Raymond begrudgingly attends his 20th high school reunion, where Debra immediately bonds with the "cool" kids and Ray realizes he really was a nerd.

The Letter

S2 E11
Dec 9, 1997
Debra writes an angry letter to her mother-in-law after Marie crashes and ruins the tupperware party she was giving for her girlfriends. Ray makes matters worse when he tries to intercept the letter before it gets to his mother's house.

All I Want For Christmas

S2 E12
Dec 16, 1997
It's Christmas Day, and Ray and Debra search in vain for some intimate time together.

Civil Wars

S2 E13
Jan 6, 1998
In an effort to bond with his dad, Raymond joins Frank and his brother in a Gettysburg Civil War re-enactment.

Mia Famiglia

S2 E14
Jan 13, 1998
When Ally needs to interview the Barone's oldest living relative for a homework assignment, Ray tracks down Frank's Aunt Serina who lives in Italy. Mistaking his letter for an invitation to visit, Serina shows up on the Barone doorstep and immediately ingratiates herself to the entire family. Unfortunately, it's the wrong set of Barones.

Marie's Meatballs

S2 E15
Jan 20, 1998
When Debra starts feeling insecure about her cooking skills, Ray asks Marie to teach her how to make spaghetti and meatballs. The plan backfires, when Marie panics, knowing its only her cooking that keeps Ray coming by.

The Checkbook

S2 E16
Feb 3, 1998
Ray puts the family finances in grate jeopardy when he takes over bill paying duties from Debra.

The Ride Along

S2 E17
Feb 24, 1998
Ray develops new found respect for Robert after spending an evening with him and his partner on a police "ride-along".

The Family Bed

S2 E18
Mar 3, 1998
A sleep deprived Ray and Debra try various methods of getting Ally to stay in her own bed.

Good Girls

S2 E19
Mar 10, 1998
Ray discovers that the reason Marie likes Robert's girlfriend better than Debra is that Amy is still a virgin. Not one to lose in a competition, Ray lies to Marie telling her Debra was equally as "good a girl" before they got married.


S2 E20
Apr 7, 1998
Ray is mortified, when Debra gets into a fight with an officious parent at Ally's T-ball game, who accuses her of bringing an unhealthy snack for the team.

Traffic School

S2 E21
Apr 21, 1998
Robert practices his traffic school teaching techniques on his family, with help from a ventriloquist's dummy who appears to have some "issues" with the Barone clan.

Six Feet Under

S2 E22
Apr 28, 1998
Ray deals with his mid-life crisis by planning his own death. Marie gets angry at Frank when she discovers he sold his side of their burial plot for a profit.

The Garage Sale

S2 E23
May 5, 1998
Frank and Marie's yard sale gets Ray thinking about having more kids and Debra thinking just the opposite.

The Wedding, Pt. 1

S2 E24
May 12, 1998
While getting ready to go to a friend's wedding, Ray and Debra relive the moments leading up to their own wedding ten years earlier.

The Wedding, Pt. 2

S2 E25
May 19, 1998
A flashback to Ray and Debra's wedding day ten years ago.