Season 3

Episode Guide

The Invasion

S3 E1
Sep 22, 1998
When Ray's house is tented for termites, he moves his entire family into his parents' house and gives Frank and Marie a taste of their own medicine.

Driving Frank

S3 E2
Sep 29, 1998
After Frank has one accident too many, Debra decides that the kids can't ride with him anymore, which makes Raymond realize that his dad is getting older.

The Sitter

S3 E3
Oct 6, 1998
Upset because she thinks the kids like their new babysitter, Lisa, better than their mommy, Debra makes a desperate choice. David Hunt guest stars.

Getting Even

S3 E4
Oct 13, 1998
After Raymond embarrasses Debra at Ally's school auction, she hints that she's going to "get him back" and Ray lives in fear of her retribution.

The Visit

S3 E5
Oct 20, 1998
When Debra's mother comes to visit the family for a week, Debra finds herself shocked to discover that she wishes her own mom were more like Marie. Katherine Helmond Guest Stars.

Halloween Candy

S3 E6
Oct 27, 1998
After Raymond is put in charge of the birth control, his plans for Halloween romance are destroyed when Grandpa runs out of candy at the house and winds up distributing "the colorful rainbow pack" of birth control pills to trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

Moving Out

S3 E7
Nov 3, 1998
After Raymond convinces Robert to move out of Frank and Marie's house, all the family members lose their "buffer."

The Article

S3 E8
Nov 10, 1998
Ray earns the nickname "attention pig" when he gets upset after Andy's article is published by Sports Illustrated magazine.

The Lone Barone

S3 E9
Nov 17, 1998
When Amy breaks up with Robert, the entire family blames Raymond for Robert's decision because Raymond told his brother that he feels like "a hostage" and that Debra only keeps him alive "to open jars and kill bugs."

No Fat

S3 E10
Nov 24, 1998
After Frank and Marie go to a Senior Health Fair and find that their cholesterol is a little high, Marie puts her household on a diet and cooks up tofu turkey and other non-traditional fare for what is supposed to be the Barone Thanksgiving feast.

The Apartment

S3 E11
Dec 8, 1998
Ray is green with envy when he drops by Robert's new apartment building and gets a look at his brother's sexy neighbors.

The Toaster

S3 E12
Dec 15, 1998
Ray is devastated when he learns that Marie and Frank traded in their Christmas gift -- a personally engraved toaster from Ray, Debra and the kids -- for a state-of-the-art coffee maker. Katherine Helmond and Robert Culp guest star.

Ping Pong

S3 E13
Jan 12, 1999
To settle the score -- and maintain his dignity -- Ray challenges Frank to a winner-take-all ping pong match after Frank reveals that he purposely threw a childhood match so that Ray would finally beat him.

Pants on Fire

S3 E14
Jan 19, 1999
Marie is heartbroken when she uncovers evidence that Ray was not the clean-cut, perfect teenager she believed him to be -- a discovery that propels Robert into the coveted "favorite son" position.

Robert's Date

S3 E15
Feb 2, 1999
Robert's entire demeanor changes when he starts clubbing with his patrol partner, Judy, and her friends.

Frank's Tribute

S3 E16
Feb 9, 1999
Frank is elected "Man of the Year" down at the lodge and a reluctant Ray and Robert are enlisted to prepare his tribute.

Cruising With Marie

S3 E17
Feb 16, 1999
Just as Frank and Marie are about to embark on a high seas vacation, Frank hurts his knee and Ray, not wanting to disappoint his mother, agrees to accompany her on the Caribbean cruise.

Ray Home Alone

S3 E18
Feb 23, 1999
When Debra and the kids go away for the weekend, Ray is forced to confront the real reason he doesn't want to stay home alone. Kevin James Appears as Doug Heffernan.

Big Shots

S3 E19
Mar 2, 1999
Trying to impress Robert when they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ray uses his sportswriter's "weight" to jump to the front of the line to meet members of the '69 Miracle New York Mets. Tommie Agee, Jerry Grote, Bud Harrelson, Cleon Jones, Ed Kranepool, Tug McGraw, Art Shamsky and Ron Swoboda guest star.

Move Over

S3 E20
Mar 16, 1999
Ray spites himself when he complains that Debra is too clingy and cuddly in bed. Charles Durning guest stars.

The Getaway

S3 E21
Apr 6, 1999
Debra and Ray feel tremendous pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont.

Working Girl

S3 E22
Apr 27, 1999
Much to Ray's dismay, Debra decides to go back to work.

Be Nice

S3 E23
May 4, 1999
Ray and Debra make a pact to try to be nicer to each other. Bill Cosby and Kevin James guest star.

Dancing With Debra

S3 E24
May 11, 1999
Ray is jealous of the special relationship that Debra and Robert develop when the two go swing dancing together.

Robert Moves Back

S3 E25
May 18, 1999
Ray begrudgingly offers up his basement office when Robert and Amy get back together and can't seem to find a place for some "private time."

How They Met

S3 E26
May 25, 1999
Memories of how they first met flood back when Ray and Debra prepare Ally for her first play date with a little boy.