Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 14, 1996
Debra wants to spend her birthday alone with Ray and the kids and Raymond has to tell his family.

I Love You

S1 E2
Sep 21, 1996
When Debra wants Ray to be more affectionate, his entire family goes overboard with 'I love yous'.

I Wish I Were Gus

S1 E3
Sep 28, 1996
Ray has to deliver the eulogy at his Uncle Gus's funeral, but he spends more time at the funeral trying to settle a dispute between Marie and her sister.

Standard Deviation

S1 E4
Oct 5, 1996
The results of an IQ test incite subtle competition between Debra and Ray.

Look, Don't Touch

S1 E5
Oct 12, 1996
Debra thinks Ray is flirting with a waitress.

Frank the Writer

S1 E6
Oct 19, 1996
Frank believes that he has become a professional writer after a joke he submitted gets published in "Reader's Digest."

Your Place or Mine?

S1 E7
Oct 29, 1996
When Ray's parents stop speaking, Frank revels in bachelorhood and Marie moves in with Raymond.


S1 E8
Nov 2, 1996
Debra's parents visit and they and Ray's parents are like oil and water.

Win, Lose or Draw

S1 E9
Nov 9, 1996
Ray loses $2000 at poker - to his father.

Turkey or Fish

S1 E10
Nov 23, 1996
Ray and Debra have Thanksgiving at their house with all the in-laws.

Captain Nemo

S1 E11
Dec 14, 1996
Ray is asked to coach Nemo's basketball team.

The Ball

S1 E12
Dec 21, 1996
Yes, Ally, there is a Santa Claus.

Debra's Sick

S1 E13
Jan 4, 1997
Debra and the kids are sick and Ray is juggling a superstar sports interview with a trip to the pediatrician.

Who's Handsome?

S1 E14
Jan 18, 1997
Robert goes out on a first date with Debra's friend Amy, and Raymond suddenly become insecure about his looks when everybody starts saying that Robert is more handsome than him.

The Car

S1 E15
Feb 1, 1997
Debra finds out that the reason why Raymond made them buy Frank and Marie's old car is because he doesn't want to get rid of the car that he used to get lucky in.


S1 E16
Feb 8, 1997
Ray tries to replace Debra's engagement ring.

The Game

S1 E17
Feb 22, 1997
When the TV cable goes out the family plays Scruples to pass the time.

Recovering Pessimist

S1 E18
Mar 1, 1997
Ray wins a sports writing award.

The Dog

S1 E19
Mar 4, 1997
When Ray brings home a stray dog, Robert wants to adopt it.


S1 E20
Mar 11, 1997
Ray deals with a guilty conscience when he is caught with his neighbors in a plot against his parents.

Fascinating Debra

S1 E21
Mar 18, 1997
Debra gets upset when a radio shrink interviewing her is more interested in Ray's family.

Why Are We Here

S1 E22
Apr 8, 1997
In flashback, Ray and Debra recall how they ended up moving next door to Ray's parents.