• Welcome to the Wayne Season 1

    S1 E5: Some Kind of Tap-Dancing, Beekeeping Whaler

    22M JUL 27, 2017 TV-Y7

    S1 E5: As Olly helps his new neighbor Andrei regain his memory, Ansi is convinced his best friend is in mortal danger -- because Andrei is a vampire!

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Welcome to the Wayne
The Wayne, a New York apartment building, is unlike anything ever experienced. Ansi Molina, a newcomer to the residence, has lived in many different places with his family. Although he doesn't have many friends he is comforted by his books. Ansi is joined by Olly Timbers, who is the outgoing type, and Olly's 7-year-old sister, Saraline Timbers, who is skilled with technology and gadgets but is not taken seriously by the adults. The trio goes on many adventures, encountering strange and mysterious creatures that dwell in the Wayne. In the adventures the trio explores hidden rooms and comes in contact with special agents.
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Welcome to the Wayne