Season 3

Episode Guide

Mob Knives

S3 E1
Jan 6, 2013
After a break in at her home, Renee fears that she and her son AJ are being targeted. Drita and Big Ang try to help settle the feud between Carla and Renee.

Bad Boys

S3 E2
Jan 13, 2013
After a call from Lee, Drita contemplates taking her kids to visit him in jail for the first time in years. Joe's young girlfriend is revealed and Carla learns that they are much more serious than she thought.

Threats and Thongs

S3 E3
Jan 20, 2013
After receiving a threatening letter from Junior, Renee fears for her life and makes it her number one priority to move. Ramona struggles with the uncertainty over her boyfriend's sentence.

Of Vice and Men

S3 E4
Jan 27, 2013
After several years since last seeing Lee, Drita and her daughters visit him in prison. Even though things seem to be cordial between Carla and Joe, he is secretly plotting to dissolve their marriage once and for all.

The Gathering Storm

S3 E5
Feb 10, 2013
Ramona is forced to finally confront Drita over a birthday party invitation. Renee tries to turn a corner at rehab but has a hard time letting go of her anger.

After The Storm

S3 E6
Feb 17, 2013
The women wake up to a borough wrecked by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Overwhelmed by the harrowing devastation in their hometown, the women rise to the challenge by helping each other and neighbors in distress.

No Love Lost

S3 E7
Feb 24, 2013
Drita dishes the dirty details of Lee's surprise release from prison to Ang and Carla. Karen and Ramona learn the news that Lee is back in town and wonder whether their truce with Drita will last. Renee returns from rehab.

Time and Punishment

S3 E8
Mar 3, 2013
Ramona finally reveals her secret engagement to Karen but is stunned by her response. With romance back in her life Drita decides to celebrate. Sparks fly between Karen and her smooth studio partner.

Mama Drama

S3 E9
Mar 10, 2013
Ang's Christmas Party turns ugly as Karen and Ramona team up to confront Carla about pulling a butter knife on Renee. Renee takes the girls on a road trip to find the perfect thing to protect her family: an attack dog.

Desert Storm

S3 E10
Mar 17, 2013
Karen moves fearlessly forward to reopen her father's case. Ang fills Drita in on Love's continuing problems with Carla, which causes Drita to break the news to her bff or risk some dangerous consequences.

Winging It

S3 E11
Mar 24, 2013
Renee lays the groundwork for a new business venture. Karen's new relationship heats up. Love reveals new details of her beef with Carla, to Drita and when Drita and Ang pass on the new info to Carla, there is no turning back.

Crazy Love

S3 E12
Mar 31, 2013
Karen decides to throw a pre-nup party to educate all the girls about protecting their assets and Ramona is not happy about it. Carla reveals some disturbing news to Ang, while Drita staffs up her new makeup store.

Love Hurts

S3 E13
Apr 7, 2013
When Ramona shares her wedding plans, Karen continues to be an unwelcome voice of reason. At Drita's 80's-themed birthday party, Love finally meets Carla face to face and their "sitdown" instantly turns into a bloody melee.

The Reunion

S3 E14
Apr 21, 2013
Dr. Drew hosts and gets to the bottom of the still raw, season-ending brawl between Carla and Love. Sparks fly when Ramona and Karen reveal the long simmering behind-the-scenes reasons they can't stand Carla.