Season 1

Episode Guide

Made In Staten Island

S1 E1
Apr 17, 2011
Karen is welcomed back to Staten Island after 10 long years of exile in Arizona, though loyal mafia daughter Renee is outraged by her presence at Carla's birthday party.

The Bitch is Back

S1 E2
Apr 24, 2011
Carla wants peace between her friends after the big fight, Renee vents to her therapist about her ex-husband's unreliability, and Drita is sick of waiting for Lee to come home for good.

Mob Bust

S1 E3
May 1, 2011
Drita worries about her daughters, Karen revisits her past as she begins work on her book, and Renee finds comfort with an unlikely source when Junior is swept up in a mass mob bust.

Do You Know Who I Am?

S1 E4
May 8, 2011
Carla struggles with single motherhood, Renee hosts a psychic party and decides to bury the hatchet with Drita, and a confrontation at a bar threatens Junior's temporary freedom.

Unfinished Business

S1 E5
May 15, 2011
The ladies enjoy a wild VIP party, Renee undergoes a painful beauty treatment, and Karen and Drita's long-simmering conflict over Lee finally erupts into a heated argument.

Dumb or Stupid?

S1 E6
May 22, 2011
Drita does a glamorous photoshoot for Lee, Renee has a new business idea, and when the four women gather for a dinner party, their attempts at conflict resolution go disastrously awry.

Total Chaos

S1 E7
May 29, 2011
The ladies make peace in the wake of the tumultuous dinner, Karen reunites with daughter Karina, Carla prepares for Joe's release from prison, and Drita urges Renee to try online dating.

Relapses, Rats & Raccoons

S1 E8
Jun 12, 2011
Karen is stung by harsh public reactions to her book project, Drita deals with some unwanted guests, and Renee's friends are frustrated by her lingering relationship with her unreliable ex.

Take This Book & Shove it

S1 E9
Jun 19, 2011
Renee returns to work and makes a decision about Junior, Carla and her kids reunite with Joe after six long years, and Drita's not thrilled when Karen presents the first chapter of her book.

Rumble on the Rooftop

S1 E10
Jun 26, 2011
Drita considers a major life change when she receives some bad news, Renee is glad to be rid of Junior, and Karen's anger about her friend's betrayal explodes into chaos at a rooftop bar.


S1 E11
Jul 10, 2011
The four ladies gather for the first time since the rooftop brawl to talk with Wendy Williams about backlash to the show, their love lives, regrets from Season 1 and hints for Season 2.