Season 2

Episode Guide

New Year, New War

S2 E1
Jan 1, 2012
Renee is amped to finally get on the table for her full body makeover, but her "easy-fix" suddenly turns into her plastic surgery nightmare. Meanwhile, Drita and Carla are ready to dive into summer fun as newly single ladies.

Hell on Heels

S2 E2
Jan 8, 2012
At Renee's party, Drita's make-up talk with Karen takes a vicious turn. Later, Junior finds out his sentencing from last year's mob bust and we learn of new mob wife's Ramona's infamous Mafia lineage.

Make-Ups and Break-Ups

S2 E3
Jan 15, 2011
In the aftermath of her party, Renee takes up her issues with the ladies violent behavior and sets out to confront Carla. Drita takes some serious steps to deal with life after Lee.

You Don't Wanna Go to War with Me!

S2 E4
Jan 22, 2012
With Ramona in the mix, frenemy lines are fiercely drawn between the two camps of women. When Karen and Carla have a sit down, tempers flare as Karen declares war and Carla the "Ice Princess" turns up the heat.

Old Friends, New Archenemies

S2 E5
Jan 29, 2012
As tensions flare between Ramona and Carla, Drita takes further steps to finalize her divorce.

Fights and Facials

S2 E6
Feb 12, 2012
Renee's insecurities about Junior's past cheating ways start to resurface, and with Drita's help, Renee's curiosity leads to breaking into Junior's phone.

Mob Daughters

S2 E7
Feb 19, 2012
After an intense couples counseling session, Renee faces the harsh realities that the fairytale life with Junior she's always dreamed of may be nothing but a nightmare. Karen begins to promote her tell all book "Mob Daughter".

Tricks or Treats?

S2 E8
Mar 4, 2012
As Halloween descends on Staten Island, things get tricky when both Ramona and Drita plan bashes to celebrate on the same night. After an explosive couples counseling session, Renee and Junior are haunted by their past.

Cabin Fever

S2 E9
Mar 11, 2012
The girls head to the Poconos for a few days of relaxation away from the pressures of life on the Island, leaving Drita behind to curb her temper with anger management.

Fire Away

S2 E10
Mar 18, 2012
Renee loses her cool with a bar patron in the Poconos, Big Ang recovers from surgery, and Ramona's daughter asks to visit Joe in jail.

Torn Apart

S2 E11
Mar 25, 2012
Drita gives dating a try, Big Ang opens up about her estranged husband, and Renee receives devastating news about Junior and her father.

The Ultimate Betrayal

S2 E12
Apr 1, 2012
Drita prepares for a visit with Lee, Ramona and Big Ang rally around Renee to lift her spirits, and Renee struggles to accept rumors about Junior.

What Goes Around

S2 E13
Apr 15, 2012
News circulates about Junior's involvement in Renee's father's arrest, Karen records a difficult chapter of her audiobook, and Drita prepares for her fight.

If Books Could Kill

S2 E14
Apr 22, 2012
Karen prepares for her book release party, Ramona fights to get her confiscated jewelry back, Carla clears the air with Renee, and more news comes out about Junior.

Taking the Rap

S2 E15
Apr 29, 2012
Renee sees her father in court, Drita gets surprising news from Lee, Big Ang wants to give her husband another chance, and Karen takes on a new business venture.

Of Dogs and Men

S2 E16
May 6, 2012
Carla confronts Joe about his recent absence, Karen reunites with Dave, Renee opens up about Junior and her father on a radio show, and Drita gets surprising news from Lee


S2 E17
May 13, 2012
Karen and Drita prepare to meet, Renee calls in the help of a shaman, and Big Ang throws a dinner party in hopes of bringing all the women together.

Reunion (Part 1)

S2 E18
May 20, 2012
Joy Behar hosts as the Mob Wives sit down for an intense and explosive reunion. Renee and her sister, Jenn, address Junior becoming an informant for the FBI. Ramona and Drita's simmering animosity boils over into complete chaos.

Reunion (Part 2)

S2 E19
May 27, 2012
Carla's husband, Joe, and Karen's baby daddy, Dave, sit down to explain their chaotic love lives. Big Ang explains the truth behind her arrest and her issues with her husband, Neal.