Season 3

Episode Guide

It Takes Two, Baby

S3 E1
Sep 22, 1998
Pregnant Annie is miserable; Matt lives with three girls on campus.

Drunk Like Me

S3 E2
Sep 29, 1998
Matt leaves his fraternity; family fixes old car; divorcee flirts with Eric.


S3 E3
Oct 6, 1998
Lucy's friend has a shocking secret; Matt tastes rejection; Ruthie seeks attention.

The Legacy

S3 E4
Oct 13, 1998
Simon's favorite teacher is suspended after an altercation with an abusive parent.

... And a Nice Chianti

S3 E5
Oct 20, 1998
Eric assists a sorrowful mother in finding the recipient of her son's heart.

And the Home of the Brave

S3 E6
Nov 3, 1998
The wedding for Annie's father is in jeopardy; Annie befriends a homeless man.

Johnny Get Your Gun

S3 E7
Nov 10, 1998
Eric is shot when he intervenes in a love triangle involving Simon.

No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll

S3 E8
Nov 17, 1998
Mary takes a dangerous pill in order to compete with a teammate.

Let's Talk About Sex

S3 E9
Nov 24, 1998
Lucy considers sex as a means of keeping her boyfriend interested.

Here Comes Santa Claus

S3 E10
Dec 15, 1998
Eric and Annie give gifts; Mary volunteers at a soup kitchen.

Nobody Knows ...

S3 E11
Jan 12, 1999
Mary gets her driver's license; Matt learns Aunt Julie may be back in town.

All That Jazz

S3 E12
Jan 19, 1999
Eric and Annie must reconcile with the doctor they blame for Matt's birth complications.

The Tribes That Bind

S3 E13
Jan 26, 1999
The family prepares for the twins' arrival; church women throw Annie a last-minute shower.

In Praise of Women

S3 E14
Feb 9, 1999
During a difficult labor, Annie asks Dr. Hastings (Ed Begley Jr.) for help.

It Happened One Night

S3 E15
Feb 16, 1999
The Camden children prove to be less than helpful with the new babies.


S3 E16
Feb 23, 1999
Lucy's ex-boyfriend may be involved with drugs; Ruthie tries to keep Matt and his girlfriend apart.

Sometimes That's Just the Way It Is

S3 E17
Mar 2, 1999
Eric counsels a troubled couple (Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays); Matt decides to join the Army.

We the People

S3 E18
Mar 16, 1999
The Camdens are aghast when Matt's college president has an affair.

The Voice

S3 E19
May 4, 1999
Eric defends a custodian from Simon's school who claims to be hearing messages from God.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

S3 E20
May 11, 1999
Parishioners ask Eric to take their beloved dog to be put down.

There Goes the Bride

S3 E21
May 18, 1999
Eric worries how Matt will react to the upcoming wedding of his first love.

There Goes the Bride

S3 E22
May 25, 1999
Mary, Lucy and Simon learn the repercussions of forbidden love.