Season 6

Episode Guide


S6 E1
Sep 25, 2001
Annie begins to show signs of pregnancy; Mary returns to New York.


S6 E2
Oct 2, 2001
One of Simon's classmates vows to kill in retaliation for the teasing he endures at school.


S6 E3
Oct 9, 2001
A carpenter fakes an injury while working on the Camden house.


S6 E4
Oct 16, 2001
Annie surprises Eric with her intentions to drop out of college to teach.


S6 E5
Oct 23, 2001
A marriage proposal and a fling with a firefighter confuse Mary.


S6 E6
Nov 6, 2001
After being caught cheating, Mary tries to make up with Wilson.


S6 E7
Nov 13, 2001
Everyone wonders what Mary's hiding when she arrives home with no explanation.

Ay Carumba

S6 E8
Nov 20, 2001
Robbie's interest in a new girl (Joy Enriquez) has Mary and Lucy battling each other.


S6 E9
Nov 27, 2001
Mary and Lucy seek Eric and Annie's matchmaking advice; Matt and Simon use the twins to get girls.


S6 E10
Dec 11, 2001
Grandpa and Simon end up at the center of police pursuit broadcast on television.


S6 E11
Jan 15, 2002
Mary tries to connect with Wilson and is visited by a firefighter.


S6 E12
Jan 22, 2002
Ruthie steps in to protect a Muslim friend from intolerant bullies who are terrorizing her.


S6 E13
Feb 5, 2002
Simon's siblings must decide what to do when he returns home from a wild party intoxicated.

Hot Pants

S6 E14
Feb 12, 2002
Annie tries to surprise Eric with romantic plans for St. Valentine's Day.

I Really Do

S6 E15
Feb 26, 2002
Matt falls for the daughter of a rabbi whose family befriends the Camdens.

I Really Did

S6 E16
Mar 5, 2002
Matt and Sarah elope, then have difficulty telling their parents.

Lip Service

S6 E17
Apr 16, 2002
The Glass family invites the Camdens over for Shabbat dinner.

The Ring

S6 E18
Apr 23, 2002
Mary takes Lucy to New York but decides not to tell her she's staying for good.

Letting Go

S6 E19
Apr 30, 2002
Mary brings home her new beau and his brother, who falls for Lucy.

The Known Soldier

S6 E20
May 7, 2002
The reverend leads a memorial service for a Marine killed in Afghanistan.

Holy War

S6 E21
May 14, 2002
The Rev. Camden and Rabbi Glass call off Matt and Sarah's wedding.

Holy War

S6 E22
May 21, 2002
Matt and Sarah appeal to their mothers for help with the wedding.