Season 4

Episode Guide

The Flu

S4 E1
Mar 13, 1993
When Marshall and Janet come down witht the flu, it's up to Clarissa and Ferguson to take care of the household chores. Ferguson is sent to the store to buy ingredients for chicken soup, but returns with 8 pounds of chocolate goodies.


S4 E2
Mar 27, 1993
Clarissa and her friend Olivia often share the same thoughts and tastes, so Olivia is convinced she's a psychic. Clarissa decides to have Olivia take a psychic test to prove her wrong. When the test results arrive they're accompanied by a bill.


S4 E3
Apr 17, 1993
Clarissa likes Clifford, but she isn't ready to go steady. He dates another girl who spreads a rumor that Clarissa is too fickle to commit. Clarissa decides to prove her wrong by going steady with another boy.


S4 E4
May 8, 1993
The annual family vacation to Lake Winnemucca is usually filled with doom and disaster. But this year is going to be different. . .the whole family is going to the Grand Canyon!

The Bicycle Thief

S4 E5
May 22, 1993
Clarissa poo-poos riding her bike as she approaches driving age... until her bike is stolen and realizes how useful it is as transportation.

Boy Thoughts

S4 E6
Jun 19, 1993
Ferguson convinces Clifford to star in his cable access show called "Boy Thoughts." Once the show is a hit, Clifford doesn't have time for Clarissa.

Hero Worship

S4 E7
Jun 26, 1993
Eve, the meek and mousy new girl in school, worships Clarissa and starts copying her style. Clarissa gets fed up when she starts taking over her life.

The Zone

S4 E8
Jul 10, 1993
Clarissa goes to music class and the only instrument left is the flute. It used to be a drag to play but lately she's been playing effortlessly and beautifully.

A Little Romance

S4 E9
Aug 14, 1993
Sam comes in after a bad date. Clarissa tells him he just hasn't found the right "one" yet. As they list the qualities of the perfect girl for Sam, it occurs to him that the perfect girl is...Clarissa!

Tale of Two Moms

S4 E10
Aug 28, 1993
Sam's mom Debbie is in town for two weeks for the Roller Derby playoffs. Sam is upset because he never gets to really see her and the hotel she's planning on staying in is across town. Clarissa invites Debbie to stay at her house.

Don't I Know You?

S4 E11
Sep 11, 1993
Clarissa carefully scrutinizes a portrait she found in the attic of Madame "CL". Janet tells her it was her great-great aunt once removed. Olivia comes over and convinces Clarissa to dance with her in the talent show.


S4 E12
Sep 25, 1993
After being asked to babysit Little Elsie Soaperstein, Clarissa prepares for her dangerous babysitting job with this little monster.

Educating Janet

S4 E13
Oct 16, 1993
Janet's a substitute teacher at Clarissa and Ferguson's school for two weeks. Clarissa feels it's cramping her style and is miserable when Janet is offered a permanent position.

The Cycle

S4 E14
Oct 23, 1993
Clarissa is dropping hints about how badly she wants a car, but her parents just keep saying "NO CAR"! But they didn't say "NO MOTORCYCLE"!