Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Mar 23, 1991
When younger brother Ferguson displays her training bra in show and tell, Clarissa hatches a plan to send Ferg-face into outer space via helium balloons and a straight jacket.

School Picture

S1 E2
Apr 14, 1991
Clarissa is determined not to wear the same old blue cardigan and knee socks for her school picture and devises a scheme to outfit herself in the coolest clothes around.

No T.V.

S1 E3
Apr 15, 1991
In an attempt to get around her mother's mandate that there be no TV in the Darling home for a whole week, Clarissa connects her computer terminal to the cable converter and nearly blows up the house.

Urge To Drive

S1 E4
Apr 21, 1991
Although she's too young for a driver's license, Clarissa is consumed by the desire to aquire a 1976 Gremlin she finds in the want-ads.

Haunted House

S1 E5
Jun 2, 1991
Clarissa is faced with the terror of a visit from her Canadian Aunt Mafalda, who's capable of hugging the life's blood out of helpless young relatives. Clarissa enlists Ferguson's help in trying to scare Aunt Mafalda out of the house.


S1 E6
Jun 5, 1991
When a greedy bully forces Ferguson to hand over his big sister's walkman, Clarissa decides to stand up and fight. It's not her fists but her spirit that KO's the bully, and he winds up falling for Clarissa.

New Addition

S1 E7
Jun 9, 1991
Using her deductive powers, Clarissa determines that her parents are having a baby.

Brain Drain

S1 E8
Jul 10, 1991
An I.Q. test result has Ferguson believing that he is really a genius.

Clarissa Makes A Cake

S1 E9
Jul 28, 1991
Clarissa pitches in to help celebrate her parents' anniversary.

Parents Who Say No

S1 E10
Aug 18, 1991
In an effort to break free from the shackles of "kiddie" jobs like babysitting, Clarissa asks for permission to apply for a job at the Baxter Beach Carnival.

Cool Dad

S1 E11
Aug 19, 1991
Clarissa is mortified by the prospect of her dad speaking at her school's career night. To no avail, he tries to get hip quick. His speech winds up making her proud even if he does hug his T-square during it.

Sick Days

S1 E12
Aug 26, 1991
When Clarissa is asked to play the part of a column in a pageant celebrating ancient Greece, she hatches a plan to get sick. The pageant turns out to be really cool, but it's too late-- Clarissa's plan has taken effect and she's grounded.

Clarissa's Crush

S1 E13
Feb 14, 1992
Clarissa gets a major crush on local weatherman Flip Fontana. Her rational head is horrified by the foolish state of her heart. Despite her best efforts, she can't stop daydreaming about him and trying to concoct ways to meet him.

She Drives Me Crazy

S1 E14
Feb 23, 1992
With a Mazda Miata grand prize as incentive, Clarissa enters a magazine contest, "My Brother - What a Guy" and grossly exaggerates Ferguson's qualities.

Sam Darling

S1 E15
Mar 1, 1992
Sam stays with the Darlings while his father is away and becomes the perfect son. Sam and Clarissa are working on a school project, but he spends so much time being polite to her parents, that he never has time for Clarissa, and she feels left out.

President Ferguson

S1 E16
Mar 8, 1992
Ferguson runs for school President and turns the Darling household into his campaign headquarters. Clarissa and Sam plot to suppress Ferguson's ego.

The Return of Aunt Mafalda

S1 E17
Mar 9, 1992
Janet and Marshall go to New York and invite overbearing Aunt Mafalda to stay with Clarissa and Sam, just as Clarissa plans a slumber party for kids only.

The Great Debate

S1 E18
Apr 5, 1992
Marshall plans to build a new video store in the mini-mall. Janet protests the building of mini-malls and Clarissa is stuck in the middle. Clarissa and Sam debate this issue in Mr. Futtstein's class as practice.

ME 101

S1 E19
Jun 7, 1992
After failing a magazine quiz on "How Well Do You Know Your Daughter," Janet tries to get to know Clarissa better. With a crash course in "Clarissa 101", Janet catches on to an extreme, becoming "one of the girls" and even dressing like Clarissa.

Clarissa News Network

S1 E20
Jun 8, 1992
Clarissa decides that news is cool, and that she'd rather be Jane Pauley than anyone else in the world. Her first story is her mother's midlife crisis, which is triggered by a college pal showing up in town as a successful modern dancer.