• Black Ink Crew Los Angeles Season 1

    S1 E7: Big Bear Jail

    42M SEP 25, 2019 TV-14

    S1 E7: Barbie's in Big Bear jail, Vudu wandered off alone into the woods and Nessie's sobering up with a major case of regret. Scout Leader KP is determined to bring his crew together with both indoor and outdoor activities.

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Black Ink Crew Los Angeles
After pondering a move to Los Angeles, owner Caeser Emmanuel has finalized his plans for the Black Ink Crew franchise to move to the West Coast. Tattoo visionary Danny "KP" Kilpatrick heads up the venture, bringing together a team of talented artists for the first-ever tattoo shop in the city of Compton. Viewers have a front row seat to the daily happenings at the shop as KP learns how to manage the business and his handpicked crew. Drama ensues as the artists face pressure to succeed and fulfill not only their dreams but the dreams of their leader and his community.
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Black Ink Crew Los Angeles