• Every Witch Way Season 1

    S1 E7: Monkey Business II

    22M JAN 08, 2014 TV-G

    S1 E7: Lily has been turned into a monkey and Emma must work to change Lily back before anyone finds out. Diego continues to explore his newfound powers, and the Sharks become suspicious.

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Every Witch Way
Emma Alonso is a seemingly normal teenager who likes glitter and tulips and believes that smiles are contagious. But her life changes when she moves to Miami and starts attending Iridium High. There, Emma discovers that she is not as normal as she appears -- she is a witch with magical powers. When Emma can control her newfound powers, she tries to use them responsibly. But she's not the only witch at the school. Maddie Van Pelt, the leader of the school's Panthers clique, doesn't use her powers for good as Emma does. Maddie's powers have been passed down through her family, and she is not willing to give up her spot as Iridium's top witch to a new girl, so she will do whatever it takes to keep Emma down.
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Every Witch Way