S1 E1: Deus Light

    48M APR 14, 2024 TV-MA

    S1 E1: Grant Amato enjoys a life of success and privilege before his obsession with a Bulgarian cam model lands him in the center of a murder investigation.

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Addiction, obsession, cam girls and murder. Terror grips a small Florida town when a mother, father, and son are found gunned down in their family home. Each victim is shot execution-style and police quickly name 29-year-old Grant Amato, son and brother of the deceased, as the prime suspect. News reports later reveal that Grant had fallen in love with a Bulgarian cam model and stolen large sums of money from his family in the months leading up to the murders. These facts were enough to get Grant sentenced to life in prison. But is it the whole story? CTRL+ALT+DESIRE is a three-part documentary series that follows director Colin Archdeacon’s investigation into the Grant Amato case. With over four years of prison phone calls recorded from a contraband cell phone, Archdeacon follows clues scattered across Florida, Eastern Europe, and the dark corners of the online world to uncover a story far more complex than originally suspected.

Highly educated and charismatic, Grant doesn’t fit the typical profile of a federal inmate. In fact, everything about his life before the murders seems abundantly normal. That is, until a series of bad decisions derails Grant’s life and steers him down a rabbit hole of depression, isolation, and internet addiction.

Grant stumbles into the world of live-streaming cam models and immediately falls in love with Silvie, a high-earning Bulgarian performer. In a desperate bid to hold Silvie’s attention, Grant reinvents himself online, crafting an alter ego who spends big and exudes confidence. But as his obsession with this alternate reality deepens, his real life quickly deteriorates and the risks he’ll take to maintain his relationship with Silvie get wilder and wilder.

CTRL+ALT+DESIRE takes viewers inside the close relationship between director Colin Archdeacon and Grant Aamto to uncover shocking new details about the case. As Grant’s narrative unravels, the series transforms into a gripping profile of obsession, loneliness, and family turmoil.
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