• ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Season 5

    S5 E1: Deserted/The Great Snack Off

    22M FEB 23, 2021 TV-Y7

    S5 E1: After getting detention again, Alvin's convinced Dave will drive him to the desert and abandon him there. Alvin and Theodore play a seemingly innocent game, which leads to unexpected consequences.

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ALVINNN and The Chipmunks
Everyone's favorite chipmunks -- Alvin, Simon and Theodore -- are back in this computer-animated version of the classic animated series. The brothers are famous rock stars who tour around the world with their best friends, the Chipettes. The boys' father, Dave, writes their songs and tries to keep them in line -- both on and off the stage. Alvin, the leader of the fraternal group, is always coming up with crazy schemes that often get him and his brothers in trouble. Oldest brother Simon is the smart one, using his intelligence to keep the group safe. Theodore may be the youngest of the three brothers, but he frequently comes up with powerful words of wisdom.
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ALVINNN and The Chipmunks