• The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Season 1

    S1 E4: Reign Storm // Toddler Terrors of Time Travel

    23M SEP 29, 1990 TV-Y7

    S1 E4: The Princess goes on her very first vacation to the real world, in Hawaii, leaving Mario and Luigi in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom. // King Koopa and Kooky Von Koopa travel back in time to prevent the Mario Brothers from discovering the Real World Brooklyn Warp Zone that first led them to the Mushroom Kingdom!

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Another set of adventures starring the now-classic kids' heroes, The Super Marios Bros. This time Koopa has escaped from a Banishment Zone to battle the Super Mario Bros. And he has a powerful new weapon, the Koopa Kids - Koopa’s bratty, yet lovable, offspring! It's the irrepressible Marios versus wild kids gone amuck in outrageous comedy adventures.
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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3