Season 1

Episode Guide

The Honeymoon

S1 E1
Sep 26, 1969
Mike, a widower with three sons, marries a widow with three daughters the result of the merger is a conglomerate family.

Dear Libby

S1 E2
Oct 3, 1969
Marcia reads a letter in the newspaper's "Dear Libby" column, wherein the recently married author is stressed out over a living arrangement similar to the Bradys'.

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy

S1 E3
Oct 10, 1969
Cindy's dilemma: Having to decide whether to invite her mother or new stepfather to her school play because of the school's undersized auditorium.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

S1 E4
Oct 17, 1969
Alice doesn't think the boys need her as much anymore now that Carol is in the house--so she announces that she is leaving.

Kitty Karry-All Is Missing

S1 E7
Nov 7, 1969
Cindy's beloved doll, Kitty Karry-All, disappears and Bobby is blamed for its theft.

A-Camping We Will Go

S1 E8
Nov 14, 1969
Greg, Peter and Bobby are looking forward to their annual camp out with Mike and Alice. But this time, Carol and the girls are coming along.

Vote for Brady

S1 E11
Dec 12, 1969
Greg and Marcia run against each other for student body president, and their campaigns become very competitive and ugly.

The Voice of Christmas

S1 E12
Dec 19, 1969
Just in time for the holidays, Carol develops laryngitis and may not be able to sing at Christmas services, prompting Cindy to ask a department store Santa for a miracle.

Father of the Year

S1 E14
Jan 3, 1970
Marcia wants to nominate Mike for "Father of the Year." But she wants to keep it a secret, which means she'll have to break family rules to get it done.

Mike's Horror-Scope

S1 E16
Jan 17, 1970
Mike worries over a newspaper horoscope, which predicts that a strange woman will enter his life.

Tiger! Tiger!

S1 E18
Jan 31, 1970
Bobby is horrified when he goes out to feed the dog and Tiger is gone.

The Big Sprain

S1 E19
Feb 7, 1970
The Brady home turns into utter chaos when Carol leaves to care for an ailing aunt. Left to run the house, Alice sprains her ankle and can no longer tend to the family.

Brace Yourself

S1 E20
Feb 14, 1970
Marcia becomes convinced she's "ugly, ugly, ugly!" after having to wear braces.

The Hero

S1 E21
Feb 21, 1970
The Bradys are surprised when Peter arrives home with torn clothes. He explains that he rescued a girl from a near-accident.

To Move Or Not To Move

S1 E23
Mar 7, 1970
The children complain about the lack of space and privacy in their home. Mike takes the complaints seriously and puts the house up for sale. The kids immediately have remorse and devise a scheme to scare off potential buyers.

The Grass Is Always Greener

S1 E24
Mar 14, 1970
Mike and Carol switch roles for the day to settle an argument about who has the easier job.

Lost Locket, Found Locket

S1 E25
Mar 21, 1970
Jan receives a locket from a secret admirer and all the Bradys are curious about who sent it.