Season 5

Episode Guide

Mail Order Hero

S5 E2
Sep 21, 1973
Bobby pretends that he is dying to get Joe Namath to the house.

Peter and the Wolf

S5 E5
Oct 12, 1973
Peter poses as an older man to go on a double date with Greg.

Getting Greg's Goat

S5 E6
Oct 19, 1973
Greg and his football teammates steal a rival school's mascot (a goat named Raquel) out of revenge for taking their mascot. He tries to hide it in his bedroom without anyone in the family finding out.

Marcia Gets Creamed

S5 E7
Oct 26, 1973
Marcia takes a part-time job at an ice cream parlor and asks her boss to hire Peter, hoping that it will give her more time for her boyfriend. Her plan backfires, however, when Peter goofs off on the job and ends up getting Marcia fired.

My Brother's Keeper

S5 E8
Nov 2, 1973
Peter agrees to be Bobby's slave after he saves his life.

Quarterback Sneak

S5 E9
Nov 9, 1973
A rival football player romances Marcia to steal Greg's playbook.

Try, Try, Again

S5 E10
Nov 16, 1973
Jan feels like a failure when she takes up ballet and is passed over for a recital because she's too clumsy.

The Cincinnati Kids

S5 E11
Nov 23, 1973
The Brady family accompany Mike to King's Island amusement park in Ohio, where he presents plans for an additional park. Mike's plans get mixed up with Jan's Yogi Bear poster and the family frantically searches for them before it's too late.

The Elopement

S5 E12
Dec 7, 1973
The Bradys overhear Alice and Sam talk about eloping. The whole family plans a surprise wedding reception. However, when the happy couple arrives to the party, the Bradys learn that it was all a misunderstanding-they aren't getting married.

Miss Popularity

S5 E13
Dec 21, 1973
Surprisingly, Jan is nominated for the most popular girl in her class and Peter agrees to be her campaign manager. However, Jan is so desperate to win, she begins making promises to her classmates that she can't possibly fulfil.

Kelly's Kids

S5 E14
Jan 4, 1974
Ken and Kathy Kelly move into the neighborhood and adopt three boys from the orphanage. With all of the kids from different ethnic backgrounds, the Kellys face unexpected racism from their neighbors and look to the Bradys for support.

The Driver's Seat

S5 E15
Jan 11, 1974
Marcia bets Greg that she can beat his driver's test score.

Out of This World

S5 E16
Jan 18, 1974
After meeting former astronaut James McDivitt, the Brady boys become fascinated with UFOs. Bobby and Peter camp out in their backyard and are convinced that they have spotted an unidentified flying object.

Welcome Aboard

S5 E17
Jan 26, 1974
Carol's nephew, Oliver, moves in with the Brady family.

Top Secret

S5 E19
Feb 16, 1974
Bobby and Oliver suspect Mike is working for the FBI.

The Hustler

S5 E21
Mar 2, 1974
Bobby becomes obsessed with pool and starts making bets with his members that he can beat them.

The Harebrained Scheme

S5 E22
Mar 9, 1974
Greg's hair turns orange when he uses Bobby's hair dye.