Season 2

Episode Guide

Bored of the Rings

S2 E1
Oct 02, 2007
Sarah accidentally becomes a radical anti-abortion group's most passionate recruit, and a Dungeons & Dragons game interrupts Brian and Steve's date.

Joan of Arf

S2 E2
Oct 09, 2007
When Sarah gets caught tasting her dog's butt, the authorities take Doug away from her, sending her on an odyssey of self-doubt.


S2 E4
Oct 23, 2007
Sarah's childish obsession with doodie humor jeopardizes her relationship with Laura.

Ah, Men

S2 E5
Oct 30, 2007
At her high school reunion, Sarah shows off God, her insecure boyfriend; Brian and Steve wonder if smoking marijuana caused them to be gay.

Maid to Border

S2 E6
Nov 06, 2007
Steve discovers Brian only listens to one song, and Sarah fires her maid after her Shoplift Shelly doll goes missing.

High, It's Sarah

S2 E7
Oct 07, 2008
Officer Jay has a nocturnal emission, and Sarah gets high for the first time.

The Mongolian Beef

S2 E8
Oct 08, 2008
After Sarah discovers that her Russian ancestors were raped by Mongolians, she sues the entire nation of Mongolia.

Making New Friends

S2 E9
Oct 15, 2008
Sarah trades in her boring friends for new ones, and a window accident makes Steve reconsider his pot-tits.

Patriot Tact

S2 E10
Oct 22, 2008
Sarah thinks she sees Osama bin Laden, and Steve causes a catastrophe at a massage parlor.


S2 E11
Oct 29, 2008
Sarah decides to stop sleeping after peeing the bed, and Brian and Steve's relationship is tested when Brian refuses to trim his overgrown beard.

There's No Place Like Homeless

S2 E12
Nov 05, 2008
Sarah loses her keys, forcing her to live on the streets; Steve's faith is called into question after a series of unlikely events.

Fetus, Don't Fail Me Now

S2 E13
Nov 12, 2008
Sarah finally realizes she's nine months pregnant, and Steve throws his back out on the toilet.

I Thought My Dad Was Dead, but It Turns Out He's Not

S2 E14
Nov 19, 2008
Brian tries to justify his expensive DVD purchase, and Sarah finds out her father is alive.


S2 E15
Dec 03, 2008
Sarah tries to popularize her slang word "ozay," but Brian's "dot-nose" takes off first.

Vow Wow

S2 E16
Dec 10, 2008
Sarah decides to follow through with an engagement to her dog, and Brian and Steve find an old fart jar.