Season 6

Episode Guide

Welcome to the Foos Box

S6 E1
Feb 13, 2024
Gemma and Dave are adjusting to Grover growing up and becoming a teenager, and Marty and Calvin are struggling with different management styles at work. Also, we meet one of Marty's new employees, Courtney, who might become something more.

Welcome to the Awkward Conversations

S6 E2
Feb 20, 2024
Marty and Courtney are navigating the pregnancy news and what it all means for their future, while Malcolm is dealing with his own workplace relationship.

Welcome to the Other Butlers

S6 E3
Feb 27, 2024
Calvin and Tina are looking to remodel their home when they uncover discriminatory processes with their bank's appraiser. Meanwhile, Marty asks Trey for fatherly advice on co-parenting with Courtney.

Welcome to Grandfatherhood

S6 E4
Mar 12, 2024
Calvin is adjusting to getting older and the new stages of parenting, while Malcolm questions his career path. Lamar (Kevin Pollak) shows up to spend more time with Grover, which forces Gemma and Dave to loosen the reins a bit.

Welcome to the Front Window

S6 E5
Mar 26, 2024
While Calvin is cooped up at home recovering, he begins spying on his neighbors from the window. He comes to believe that something sketchy is going on across the street, so the whole crew helps him figure out how to catch their new neighbor in the act.

Welcome to the Walkout

S6 E6
Apr 2, 2024
While Gemma is holding a fundraiser for a new school pool, Tina and the other teachers are being overworked. Meanwhile, Dave convinces Calvin to finally commit to doing physical therapy for his knee.

Welcome to the Stand-Off

S6 E7
Apr 16, 2024
Gemma and Tina are at odds with one another and Dave and Calvin try to bring them back together. Meanwhile, Marty is sick and not handling it well, so Malcolm fills in for him and goes to a baby class with Courtney.

Welcome to the Baby Shower

S6 E8
Apr 23, 2024
Courtney and Marty deal with some baby shower drama with Tina, while Lamar adjusts to a new job at the Fuse Box.

Welcome to the Name Drop

S6 E9
Apr 30, 2024
Marty and Courtney's baby name gets spread around because nobody can keep a secret. Meanwhile, Dave is assigned the ever-complicated task of assembling the diaper changing table.

Welcome to the World

S6 E10
May 7, 2024
The whole crew heads out to see Toni Braxton live in concert, but just as the show begins, Courtney's water breaks.