Season 4

Episode Guide

The Best Of Both Worlds, Part 2

S4 E1
Sep 24, 1990
Riker must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity when the Borg use the kidnapped captain as part of their plan to destroy Earth.


S4 E2
Oct 1, 1990
While the Enterprise undergoes repairs on Earth, crew members reunite with families and Picard comes face to face with his jealous brother.


S4 E3
Oct 8, 1990
After being summoned home by his elderly creator, Data clashes with his evil brother, Lore.

Suddenly Human

S4 E4
Oct 15, 1990
Picard risks war when he refuses to return a human boy to the alien father who raised him, and may have abused him.

Remember Me

S4 E5
Oct 22, 1990
Wesley's experiment with warp fields result in the mysterious disappearance of the crew.


S4 E6
Oct 30, 1990
A rescue mission leads the crew to the birthplace of their late comrade Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister.


S4 E7
Nov 6, 1990
When Picard is chosen to mediate a Klingon power struggle, Worf confronts the Klingon who disgraced him.

Future Imperfect

S4 E8
Nov 13, 1990
After an Away Team mission fails, Riker awakens in sickbay to discover sixteen years have passed and he now commands the Enterprise.

Final Mission

S4 E9
Nov 20, 1990
After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a final mission, only to find himself struggling to keep the captain alive.

The Loss

S4 E10
Jan 1, 1991
Counselor Troi resigns her post after experiencing a mysterious loss of her empathetic powers.

Data's Day

S4 E11
Jan 8, 1991
A friend's impending wedding compounds Data's confusion about the nuances of human feelings.

The Wounded

S4 E12
Jan 29, 1991
Picard must stop a renegade Federation starship that is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemy's ship.

Devil's Due

S4 E13
Feb 5, 1991
Picard fights to save a terrorized planet from a powerful woman who claims to be the devil.


S4 E14
Feb 12, 1991
Picard and the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them.

First Contact

S4 E15
Feb 19, 1991
Critically wounded during a first contact mission, Riker is mistaken for a hostile alien.

Galaxy's Child

S4 E16
Mar 12, 1991
The Enterprise becomes surrogate mother to a huge alien creature after Picard is forced to destroy its real mother.

Night Terrors

S4 E17
Mar 19, 1991
Trapped in a rift in space, the crew of the Enterprise is plagued by unexplained paranoia and hallucinations.

Identity Crisis

S4 E18
Mar 26, 1991
Dr. crusher races against time to locate a parasite that threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.

The Nth Degree

S4 E19
Apr 2, 1991
When a crewmember is endowed with super human intelligence by an alien probe, he threatens the fate of the Enterprise.


S4 E20
Apr 23, 1991
The mischievous Q turns Picard into Robin Hood and sends him on a quest designed to force him to prove his love for an old flame.

The Drumhead

S4 E21
Apr 29, 1991
A search for a spy aboard the Enterprise turns into a witch-hunt in which Picard is implicated as a traitor.

Half A Life

S4 E22
May 6, 1991
Picard risks war when he offers asylum to a visiting scientist whom wishes to escape the ritual suicide mandated by his society.

The Host

S4 E23
May 13, 1991
Dr. Crusher's love is put to the test when she falls for an alien who exists in different "host bodies" in order to survive.

The Mind's Eye

S4 E24
May 27, 1991
Romulan forces kidnap Geordi and turn him into a killing machine.

In Theory

S4 E25
Jun 3, 1991
Data experiments with love by pursuing a romantic relationship with a fellow crew member.

Redemption, Part 1

S4 E26
Jun 17, 1991
As civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, Worf's loyalties are torn between the Federation and his people.