Season 1

Episode Guide

The Emissary, Parts 1 and 2

S1 E1
Jan 4, 1993
In 2369, Cardassian forces finally withdraw from 70 years of Bajoran occupation -- leaving the planet, the people and an old orbiting mine station stripped and depleted.

Past Prologue

S1 E3
Jan 11, 1993
Kira has barely gotten to know her new DS9 colleagues or settled in as a "legitimate" officer of post-occupation Bajor when she has to confront an old fellow freedom-fighter who can't give up the fight -- and the infamous Duras sisters from TNG are a surprise part of his plans.

A Man Alone

S1 E4
Jan 18, 1993
Odo, the station's mysterious, gruff and yet incredibly fair shape-shifter constable, falls under suspicion for a Bajora's baffling murder -- and xenophobic hatred rears its ugly head in the station's rush to judgment.


S1 E5
Jan 25, 1993
An aphasia-like virus planted in DS9's food replicator system by the Bajoran underground against their onetime oppressors lies dormant until being activated during refurbishment.

Captive Pursuit

S1 E6
Feb 1, 1993
The first two species to visit through the wormhole are hardly ceremonial: one, described only as "Tosk," is being hunted in a formal, ritualized sport that both he and his pursuers enjoy


S1 E7
Feb 8, 1993
Famed for their encounters with Capt. Picard, John deLancie guest stars as pesky super-alien "Q" and Jennifer Hetrick reprises her romantic rogue archeologist Vash -- last seen on TNG headed for the Gamma Quadrant.


S1 E8
Feb 15, 1993
The nature of Trill symbiosis is explored when a Klaestron commando legal team tries to kidnap Jadzia Dax for alleged treason committed by Curzon, the prior Dax host.

The Passenger

S1 E9
Feb 22, 1993
The master Kobliad criminal-scientist Rao Vantika is presumed dead after an inmate transport fire, but his wily pursuer Ty Kajada is not so sure.

Move Along Home

S1 E10
Mar 15, 1993
If the Tosk and Hunters were surprise guests from the Gamma Quadrant, the first formal delegation is just as unorthodox.

The Nagus

S1 E11
Mar 22, 1993
Grand Nagus Zek, the leader of the Ferengi Alliance, pays a surprise visit to lowly Quark's Bar to host a conference on exploiting the Gamma Quadrant -- and names Quark, not his own son, as his successor.


S1 E12
Apr 18, 1993
A suspicious Odo is still intrigued by Rakhari fugitive Croden's claims of clues to the constable's shape-shifting roots back near Croden's Gamma Quadrant home.

Battle Lines

S1 E13
Apr 25, 1993
Kai Opaka's glimpse of the wormhole and Gamma Quadrant turns tragic when she dies in a Runabout crash on a prison moon.

The Storyteller

S1 E14
May 2, 1993
Chief O'Brien is reluctantly "adopted" as spiritual leader by a Bajoran village that annually follows the "Storyteller" to fight a demon of the town's collective fears.


S1 E15
May 9, 1993
Bajor's fifth moon Jeraddo must be evacuated to make way for a much-needed power plant for the home planet, but one old codger refuses to evacuate. Brian Keith guest stars as Mullibok, who forces Kira to realize just how much she and Bajor have changed in a few short months.

If Wishes Were Horses

S1 E16
May 16, 1993
It's harder to decide what's more incredible: little Molly O'Brien's storybook Rumpelstiltskin coming to life, or Jadzia Dax as a sex kitten.

The Foresaken

S1 E17
May 23, 1993
Dreary diplomatic baby-sitting seems to swallow up Dr. Bashir when three of four obnoxious ambassadors come for a tour of the station.

Dramatis Personae

S1 E18
May 30, 1993
Acting out roles both melodramatic and deadly, the DS9 staff is infected by a viral historical incident archive from an alien culture within the Gamma Quadrant.


S1 E19
Jun 13, 1993
Kira is forced to re-examine her post-occupation prejudices about Cardassians when her running battle of wits with a jailed man claiming to be a notorious death camp leader is actually his remorseful file clerk.

In The Hands Of The Prophets

S1 E20
Jun 20, 1993
A bombing at Keiko's school and a would-be sleeper assassination haunts DS9 amid the rise of a fundamentalist faction of the Bajoran faith.