Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Guadalupe: Island of the White Sharks

S1 E1
May 12, 2018
On the island of Guadalupe, shark researchers are on a mission: to attach a 'shark cam' to the dorsal fin of a great white. The reward is an unprecedented look into never-before-seen behaviors of a fearsome ocean dweller, but can they hold their nerve in the face of a predator that's designed to kill?

Bahamas Shark Lab

S1 E2
May 19, 2018
In 2011, the Bahamas outlawed shark hunting. Today, the clear blue waters off Bimini teem with over 40 species, ranging from oceanic whitetips to tiger sharks. Thanks to modern ultrasonic tagging technology, scientists are learning more about the movement and motivation of these fearsome ocean leviathans.

Chasing Mako

S1 E3
May 26, 2018
With speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour, the mako is the fastest shark in the world. But can it outpace the overfishing and habitat destruction that humans have caused off the coast of New Zealand? Meet a team of local researchers using advanced tracking technology to understand the challenges facing this embattled species, before it's too late.