• Never Seen Again

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    Families share the story of their lost loved one and reach out to the public for answers.

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Never Seen Again
New Season Now Streaming

Missing people with a twist. Each story begins with an emotional gut punch as the last loved one to see the missing person relives that final moment. Terrance Williams’s mother will never give up hope. Renowned filmmaker Tyler Perry became personally involved in a case that has sparked outrage, when a 27 year old young man disappears after he was last seen with a Naples police officer getting into the back of his patrol car. The cop says he has no idea what happened. Tyler Perry has a theory.

The missing touch all kinds of families all around the country. The man who watched his girlfriend storm out after a tiff; the mother who waved goodbye to her son heading out on a road trip. The coworker who sent a distressed text message…and was Never Seen Again.

Each 30 minute episode tells the story of someone who vanishes into thin air, leaving behind a trail of evidence but often no smoking gun. There is never a body, just mysterious clues. A truck set on fire. Clothing strewn along the side of a highway. Are these people runaways or are they victims? And of what? The crimes are still out of focus, and loved ones are desperate to put the pieces of the puzzle together… with your help. Someone out there knows something and it could be you.

The stories are pulled from the headlines, and still unfolding at an urgent pace. These cases are active, current and rich with surveillance videos, social media posts, text messages, phone calls, and the last videos of the missing person. Never Seen Again untangles every possible theory, following each twist, turn and red herring, taking the viewer on a suspenseful detective journey that lands on one final question…can you solve this case?
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Never Seen Again