Season 2

Episode Guide

The List

S2 E1
Aug 27, 1996
Moesha and Kim discover some boys at school have a list of the girls with various physical attributes including the "biggest booty" and Moesha is astounded to find her name on the list. When she confronts them, she finds herself attracted to the leader, Q - who is edgy, rebellious - the opposite of her.

Credit Card

S2 E2
Sep 3, 1996
Moesha has her own car, so Frank gives her a credit card for emergencies only. When she goes out with her new boyfriend, Q, he convinces her to let him drive her car. They get pulled over, and it turns out Q has outstanding tickets. He is arrested and the car is impounded.

Mama Said Knock You Out

S2 E3
Sep 10, 1996
Moesha has befriended a Latina student, Teresa. Kim becomes jealous and tries to break up the friendship by telling Mo that Q is hitting on Teresa, resulting in a boxing match between Kim and Teresa.

Basket Case

S2 E4
Sep 17, 1996
A school fundraiser has boys putting together "date baskets" on which the girls bid. Moesha tries to find out which one belongs to the boy she likes while Kim tries to find out which one belongs to Hakeem.

The Whistleblower

S2 E5
Sep 24, 1996
Mo, Kim and Hakeem are tense and stressed out studying for the SAT's. Mo, being an excellent student, is asked by a star athlete to cheat for him but she refuses. When he scores high on his SAT, everyone thinks Moesha helped him (Kobe Bryant guest stars). Meanwhile, Frank finally succumbs to getting a sperm count test.


S2 E6
Oct 1, 1996
Hakeem's cousin transfers to their school and Moesha goes out with him. After the date, she is convinced he is gay. She tells Kim, who of course tells everyone else. Hakeem confronts his cousin, who denies it.

Women Are From Mars, Men Are From Saturn

S2 E7
Oct 15, 1996
Moesha is off visiting cousins out of town. Meanwhile, Dee thinks Frank is spending too much time with "the boys" including his brother Bernie. To retaliate, she has a "night out with the girls". Hakeem volunteers to baby-sit Myles so he can entertain his new girlfriend at the Mitchell's. Frank and Dee discover they are at the same club when they simultaneously call Hakeem to check up on Myles.

Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Look-Clarkzilla

S2 E8
Oct 30, 1996
Frank's nephew (Mo's cousin) is the family's "bad seed" and no one likes him around. However, Dee is unaware of this and lets Bernie talk her into letting him visit the Mitchells.

A Concerted Effort (Part 1)

S2 E9
Nov 6, 1996
Mo cries the lovesick blues on a phone-in radio show. The DJ, feeling sorry for Mo, gives her four free tickets to an upcoming concert.

A Concerted Effort (Part 2)

S2 E10
Nov 6, 1996
Mo cries the lovesick blues on a phone-in radio show. The DJ, feeling sorry for Mo, gives her four free tickets to an upcoming concert.

A Regulation of Love

S2 E11
Nov 13, 1996
Kim unintentionally lands a boyfriend while trying to make Hakeem jealous.

There's No Place Like the Mitchell Home

S2 E12
Nov 14, 1996
Moesha runs the Den into the ground while Andell recuperates at the Mitchell home from knee surgery.

Road Trip

S2 E13
Nov 27, 1996
Mo finally has a car and volunteers to drive everybody to the state basketball tournament, opting not to be home for Thanksgiving. However, their team loses and they head back home to spend Thanksgiving with their families but the car breaks down.

Guess Q's Coming To Dinner

S2 E14
Jan 8, 1997
Mo is shrinking her duties at home and her grades are falling. Frank blames Q. Mo invites to dinner where a serious confrontation occurs between Q and Frank.


S2 E15
Jan 15, 1997
Moesha is sentenced to do errands for an old woman who lives down the block because she stole oranges from her tree. A unique friendship is formed when Moesha learns the woman was part of the Harlem Renaissance, but Moesha must say good-bye to her when she learns the woman has Alzheimer's disease.

Break A Leg

S2 E16
Jan 29, 1997
Mo is teaching a dance class to young girls. Myles wants to join because he has a crush on one of the girls. While taking the class, he is discovered by a TV commercial director (Seinfeld's Estelle Harris).

Who Moved The Charity Stripe

S2 E17
Feb 5, 1997
Crenshaw High's basketball team is one game away from the city finals. However, most of the good players, including Q, have let their grades slip. As Vice Principal, Dee must suspend them from the team.

Back in Africa

S2 E18
Feb 12, 1997
Moesha may have to bow out of the class trip to Africa when Frank invests all of the Mitchell savings in a Saturn dealership.

Strike A Pose

S2 E19
Feb 19, 1997
Moesha enters a modeling contest sponsored by a magazine being held at the Den.

Songs In The Key Of Strife

S2 E20
Mar 19, 1997
Moesha houses a beautiful French exchange student. Q picks the French girl and Kim to be back-up singers in his new band. Mo auditions to be a back-up singer as well, but she cannot sing! Q must be the one to tell her she cannot be in the band.

Hakeem's Birthday

S2 E21
Apr 29, 1997
Moesha wants to throw Hakeem a surprise birthday party and invites his estranged father. When his father never shows up, we discover the close relationship between Frank and Hakeem.

For Better Or For Worse

S2 E22
May 6, 1997
Niecy meets a wonderful recent graduate now in the military. When he asks her to marry him, she says yes! While he's away, Mo and Kim throw her a pre-engagement party.

Cold Busted

S2 E23
May 13, 1997
Mo invites Q over when she thinks the whole family is away for the day. However, they return home early and Mo and Q are caught. As a result, Frank decides to enroll Mo in a private school. Upset with that decision, Mo runs away.

Prom Fright

S2 E24
May 20, 1997
Mo agrees to go to another school's prom with the son of Frank's friend so she will no longer be busted. When Q finds out, he confronts Mo and her date at the prom. Mo and Q argue, and Mo agrees to go out with the new guy.